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Business Law

Everything you need to know about the One-Person Society

What is the Unipersonal Society? What legal regime does the Unipersonal Society have? Does the sole proprietorship have to be registered in the Mercantile Registry? Is it advisable to make a Sole Shareholder Society? All these and other questions will be resolved in this post.

The General Meeting in the Companies

What is the General Meeting? What are the types of General Meeting? What agreements can be adopted at the General Meeting? Do company administrators have to attend the General Meeting? Does non-attendance have legal consequences? These and other questions will be resolved in this new post.

The process of company liquidation

During the process of liquidation of a company, numerous procedures and actions must be carried out, among which the liquidator of the company must form an inventory and balance sheet of the company, with reference to the day on which it was dissolved, within a period of three months from the opening of the liquidation.

Everything you need to know about a joint venture

A joint venture is a temporary strategic association (short, medium or long term) of organization, a grouping or alliance of persons or groups of companies that maintain their individuality and legal independence but act together under the same direction and rules.

Is the administrator responsible for the company's debts?

In this article we will talk about the responsibility of the administrators for the debts of the company, that is to say, if the administrators are going to respond jointly with their personal patrimony for the debts contracted by the company that they administered, or only the company should respond.

Is the partners' agreement essential when creating a company?

Before setting up a company it is normal that the partners may have fears or concerns that arise especially when partnering with other people to create a company. The question then arises as to whether these partners will be the right people for the project you are considering.

How to create a limited liability company

First of all, we must know that the Sociedad Limitada or S.L. is the most common type of company. In fact, there are more than one million S.L. in Spain, while there are only about 91,000 Corporations.