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Mortis Cause Transmission of Family Business

Planning the transfer mortis causa of the family business is key to the continuity of this type of business. Although it is generally better to carry out the generational change in life, an unforeseen incident can truncate the natural rhythm of events. And it is essential to be prepared for it.

The challenge of corporate resolutions

By challenging corporate agreements, administrators, partners or third parties may rescind the agreements of a company. This institution exists to allow the cancellation of illegal acts or contrary to the Bylaws or to the interests of the company.

Effectiveness of shareholder agreements

Shareholders' agreements or agreements are instruments that regulate corporate matters or complement such matters, outside of official channels. These are useful tools to collect all those agreements that do not find a fit in the Company's Bylaws, given the applicable legislation.

Legal advice for business transfer

Business transfer is a good option for entrepreneurship. It allows you to start an economic adventure without starting from scratch, already counting on a proven operation, a portfolio of clients and assets in operation. But acquiring the transfer of the business also has counterparts.

How to set up a company in Spain?

Knowing when and how to establish a company in Spain is essential to guarantee the success and growth of the business. However, there are many doubts surrounding this procedure.

The importance of bylaws when creating a business

The importance of the bylaws when establishing a company dates back to the very existence of commercial companies, in which the previous step for their foundation and operation was the need and requirement that there be a law or similar legislative provision to give birth to society, thus allowing its action, also establishing its object, powers and legal regime.

Everything you need to know about the bankruptcy

From the most general perspective, the bankruptcy is a tool that allows satisfying the debts contracted as a social protection mechanism and a second chance to solve insolvency. In addition, bankruptcy is a mechanism that facilitates the conditions for negotiation between creditors and the debtor submitted to bankruptcy, allowing each creditor to collect their debts on equal terms.