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Economic and Corporate Criminal

Economic and Corporate Criminal

As lawyers specialized in the criminal defense of the company, at Forcam Abogados we can prepare a corporate compliance program for your organization and, where appropriate, defend it in court.

Thanks to the regulatory compliance plan, we will minimize criminal risks in your company. And in the event that any of your employees or administrators circumvent the security system, we will be able to reduce and even exonerate your company from criminal liability.

Since the Penal Code was reformed so that companies could be criminally responsible subjects, it became a necessity to have the support of criminal lawyers focused on the criminal defense of the company.

At Forcam Abogados, we have prestigious criminal lawyers, experts in legal advice to companies, which is why we have become benchmarks in terms of regulatory compliance and criminal defense from the outset.

If you are concerned about the legal certainty of your company or have been the subject of an accusation, contact us. We have offices in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Reus and Tarrega, but we operate nationally and internationally. If you need criminal lawyers to defend your company, contact our law firm, by phone or through our website.

Lawyers specialized in Economic and Corporate Criminal

As criminal lawyers specialized in criminal defense of the company, at Forcam Abogados we cannot but insist on the importance of preventive criminal advice. And it is that the Penal Code admits the possibility of exempting companies that have fulfilled their duties in terms of prevention from criminal liability.

Precisely for this reason we offer criminal compliance programs for your company. But if you do not have one of these systems and your company has been the subject of a complaint or lawsuit, all is not lost yet. We can defend you in all criminal proceedings and trials to try to minimize or avoid conviction.

The criminal liability of the company

Article 31 bis of the Criminal Code allows companies to be criminally liable for crimes committed in their name or on their behalf and for their direct or indirect benefit.

Once the company (legal person) is convicted, the applicable penalties will involve the imposition of fines, closure of premises, suspension and prohibition of activities, disqualification from obtaining subsidies or aid or contracting with the public sector... However, probably the most serious penalties are judicial intervention and the dissolution of legal personality.

In other words, the attribution of criminal responsibility to the company can lead to its extinction. This is why it is essential for the company to have an office such as Forcam Abogados, specialized in criminal defense, through experienced criminal lawyers, who will help you solve the problem.

Prevention in matters of criminal liability of the company

In order for the company to be criminally liable, the Penal Code requires that the company does not have adequate means of prevention. Thus, this responsibility can be exempted provided that the company proves that it has an updated and effective corporate compliance program.

In summary, the adoption of compliance programs that comply with the structure and requirements outlined in the Criminal Code may be the best criminal defense for the company, exonerating it from its criminal responsibility, avoiding the corresponding convictions.
Economic and Corporate Criminal

Do you need a criminal lawyer for the criminal defense of your company?

We are lawyers specialized in criminal law, specialized in the criminal defense of the company. At Forcam Abogados we can guide you in preventive matters or defend your company before the Courts. We implement regulatory compliance models that, in addition to criminally protecting the company, introduce high added value in fields such as CSR, equality or tax and labor security.

Contact us now if you want to provide maximum legal certainty to your company, avoid unnecessary risks and optimize your operations. Our criminal lawyers, specialists in Criminal and Corporate Law, will put in your hands extensive experience in legal advice to companies.

Frequently asked questions about Economic and Corporate Criminal

It is advisable to establish corporate compliace systems, aimed at the detection and prevention of crime and the isolation of responsibilities.

Yes, as long as you do not have a compliance program such as those prescribed by the Penal Code and that we prepare and implement at Forcam Abogados.

Companies can be criminally liable when crimes are committed in their name or benefit, suffering significant penalties that can lead to their dissolution.

Because we are criminal lawyers specialized in legal advice to national and international companies, and we have excellent criminal lawyers who will develop the best defensive strategy.