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Advantages of hiring an expert Real Estate lawyer from abroad

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Advantages of hiring an expert Real Estate lawyer from abroad

When making a real estate investment in Spain, one of the best options is to hire a Real Estate lawyer from abroad. These professionals can offer legal, tax and economic advice without the need for the investor to travel. Which is not only more convenient, but also allows you to have a complete legal report on the state of the real estate sector before making the investment.

In fact, large investors hire Real Estate law firms from abroad to assist them in locating opportunities and during home buying and selling operations. And many of them continue to use the firm's services when managing their property portfolios.

This legal support in the State where the buildings are located helps to keep abreast of legal and tax developments. Helps resolve potential conflicts and incidents quickly and efficiently. And it allows you to take advantage of tax incentives and the most complex legal institutions. 

The importance of having a Real Estate lawyer from abroad 

Some investors like to manage their own affairs where their interests lie. For example, this is the case of the small investor, or of those who buy a home in Spain for their personal enjoyment or that of their relatives. But the truth is that this form of management requires time, dedication and compliance with certain legal requirements. 

There are some pitfalls, such as language, local customs and even mastery of administrative and registration practices.

Obviously, many of the investors who manage their real estate businesses in Spain themselves do so under the advice of specialists in the sector. For example, from Forcam Lawyers we assist investors from all over the world as Real Estate lawyers. 

Apart from these difficulties, which can be overcome with proper advice, there are other burdens that can make personal management of real estate investments more inconvenient. This is the case of large real estate portfolios or investors with business projects, real estate development or building.

These investors not only need a deeper knowledge of various branches of our legal system, but also more time and dedication. And here it becomes essential to have a Real Estate lawyer who represents your interests from Spain.

How can you hire an expert real estate lawyer from abroad?

In reality, there is not a big difference between hiring a Real Estate lawyer from abroad and doing it from Spain. To hire it, it is enough that the firm is familiar with Information and Communication Technologies so that it can provide adequate remote advice. 

On the other hand, before any action in which the lawyer must represent the interests of his client, he must empower him (give him powers for the lawyer to represent him on his behalf).

The most advisable and effective thing is to carry out a power of attorney before a Notary Public in favor of a lawyer specialized in Real Estate, to carry out real estate procedures. These will be essential whenever a company must be represented and are those used in transmissions and mortgage operations. 

So that a citizen who requires the services of a lawyer specializing in real estate law is Spanish or foreign, he will need to grant him powers of attorney sooner or later. 

The only difference is that, if the foreign citizen empowers his Spanish lawyer from his country of origin, the power of attorney must be translated and legalized to take effect in Spain. Procedures both relatively fast and inexpensive.

In summary, to hire a Real Estate lawyer from abroad, it will be enough to grant a power of attorney, legalize it through the Hague Apostille and submit it to an official translation.

The power of attorney must delimit the powers granted to the Spanish lawyer. These can include from the acquisition of properties, plots, ships or houses, to the continuous legal advice, to process taxes before the Treasury, or the constitution of companies and management of real estate assets.

Other advantages of hiring a Real Estate lawyer from abroad 

As you will see, hiring a Real Estate lawyer from abroad is very simple and fast. It is enough to empower him, and the more powers that are granted, the broader his management powers will be. 

The usual thing before starting an investment is to analyze its profitability. Spanish lawyers specialized in this sector know the investment ecosystem and the state of the real estate market. 

We also know the different legal forms to which the investor can resort, either to show ownership of their properties or to exploit them. And, of course, we are familiar with the practices of the promotion and building sector. 

All these competencies allow us to anticipate the audit and due diligence processes that must precede any investment. They allow us to locate opportunities, buyers and sellers, as well as partners and strategic alliances.

So, the task of advising the investor is not limited to legally shielding their operations, but goes further, as we have reported in this article.

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