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All about the crime of sexual abuse in people

Criminal Law
All about the crime of sexual abuse in people

The crime of sexual abuse is one of the crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity. It is an unfortunately common crime, subject to constant reinterpretation in light of the growing awareness of our society.

It is also a sensitive crime. Not only because of the physical and psychological sequels that it leaves on the victim, but especially because it is very difficult to pursue it without the collaboration of the victim and witnesses.

In addition, this collaboration requires a strong effort. Mainly, if the crime has been committed in the family or work environment, where it is sadly frequent. 

All these elements, together with the seriousness of the crime and the penalties it entails, make the specialized legal assistance of criminal lawyers essential both in its prosecution and in the defense against unfounded accusations.

What are crimes of sexual abuse? 

According to the Penal Code, crimes of sexual abuse are those that violate the sexual freedom or indemnity of another person without violence or intimidation. In case of mediating violence or intimidation we would be facing a crime of aggression. We have an article on the difference between these crimes, to which we refer for more information.

We are, therefore, dealing with a crime that is committed by taking advantage of a relationship of authority, or by overriding the will of the victim (for example, using drugs or pharmaceuticals) or taking advantage of their lack of sense or will.

How to act before a crime of sexual abuse? 

Complaint and collaboration are key when denouncing the crime. In this sense, the victim can choose between filing a complaint (to be part of the accusation) or a complaint. Whether it is the filing of a complaint or a complaint, it is highly recommended that a law firm specializing in this type of crime handle the matter. 

The health authorities have protocols for the purpose of denouncing this type of crime. It will be convenient to contact the State security forces and bodies and a criminal law firm specialized in crimes of sexual abuse like ours.

After attending to the state of health of the victim and collecting the appropriate evidence and testimony, the lawyer will explain the consequences of filing a complaint or not, and the victim must act before the statute of limitations expires. It will also help the victim to obtain the necessary health and psychosocial assistance to restore their physical and psychological state.

When do these crimes prescribe? 

Depending on the seriousness of the crime, we will find prescription periods that will range from five to fifteen years. In the event that the victim is a minor, these terms will not begin to compute until they reach thirty-five years of age.

What are the criminal consequences of the crime of sexual abuse?

The penalties associated with these crimes will depend on the seriousness of the crime perpetrated. They include both the possibility of deprivation of liberty and the imposition of fines. In our blog you can find an article where we report in detail the consequences of these crimes.

It is important to highlight the possibility of requesting protection measures, both at the criminal level (for example, a restraining order) and at the labor and social level (adaptation of the working day or job, etc.).

Currently, our legal system focuses on offering comprehensive protection, which repairs as far as possible the damage suffered without leaving the perpetrator unscathed.

Do I need a lawyer to report these crimes?

The victim must know that the process can be complex, both psychologically and legally. So, it is best to leave the matter in the hands of a criminal lawyer specializing in crimes against freedom and sexual indemnity.

Thus, at Forcam Abogados we recommend that representation in this type of crime be left only in the hands of criminal lawyers specialized in crimes against people. In our office we have criminal lawyers specialized in dealing with crimes of sexual abuse, so we invite the reader to contact us if they need specialized legal assistance in the field of criminal law. 

This will allow the victim to focus on their recovery. Your lawyer will guide you both at the level of legal consequences of your decisions and when it comes to obtaining the protection of the Public Administrations. In addition, it will manage procedures and processes, leaving space and providing peace of mind to the affected person.

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