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Alternatives to claim mortgage expenses

Alternatives to claim mortgage expenses
We lawyers, as well as consumer associations, trust that European legislation will turn from a jurisprudential turnaround to the Supreme Court's unexpected change of judgement on the Stamp Duty paid by the client at the time the mortgage is constituted.

From the law firm FORCAM ABOGADOS, we believe that the position to adopt is to focus on the defense of consumer rights as has been done so far in most cases, because that is where there can be a jurisprudential change through the support of European legislation. So we will be waiting if the European Court of Justice (ECJ) can lay the foundations for a change in the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court in relation to mortgage costs.

At the present time, mortgagers may continue to claim as abusive the clause in which banks require them to bear the cost of mortgage costs. It usually also includes the following costs:

-Invoice of the NOTARY corresponding to the Deed of Mortgage Loan.
-EXPENSES of TASSAGE of the house.
-Invoice of the REGISTRATION OF THE PROPERTY by the inscription of the Mortgage.
-GESTORY EXPENSES, as long as their intervention has been imposed by the bank.

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