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Commercial Contracting for Companies

Commercial Contracting for Companies

The drafting and review of national and international commercial contracts are two essential tasks when it comes to guaranteeing the rights of the parties, avoiding conflicts and, where appropriate, demanding compliance with obligations. However, the international element may require the action of lawyers specializing in commercial contracts with extensive experience.

That is why it is advisable to look for a law firm specialized in the drafting and review of National and International commercial contracts when carrying out these tasks. And in this matter, Forcam Lawyers is one of the leading law firms in commercial contracting in Spain.

We have a team made up of lawyers from various areas: Corporate, Commercial, Labor Law... Since we offer comprehensive legal advice on commercial contracting to national and international companies. Our professionals are in charge of the tasks of drafting and reviewing commercial contracts between companies, as well as their judicial and extrajudicial claim in the event of any breach of contract.

If you need expert and quality advice on commercial contracting for your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our experience in commercial contractual practice will guarantee that commercial contracts between companies are favorable and comply with the provisions to increase the income of the company, and protect it from possible controversies due to contractual breaches.

Expert lawyers in commercial contracts in companies

International commercial contracts present certain complexities associated, generally, with the entry into play of two or more different Legal Systems. Thus, most States have a similar regulation (especially within the European Union), but there are details and subtle differences whose handling requires some experience. 

Through our team of international trade lawyers, we try to carry out commercial contracts adapted to the needs of each company, with the aim that the economic activity of the company is benefited by commercial contracting. We not only take care of reviewing and drafting commercial contracts, but we also claim termination and breach of obligations when necessary.

We advise on the drafting and review of international commercial contracts

The years of experience behind us have allowed us to advise hundreds of companies around the world on national and international commercial contracts in various situations.

Thanks to this, we are used to working with all the contractual figures of commercial traffic. In addition, we understand the needs of our clients and we can anticipate potential conflicts within the company.

We manage all types of commercial contracts for companies

From Forcam Lawyers we can help you draft, review and even demand compliance or resolution of commercial contracts of all kinds. 

We document your monetary transmissions through contracts for the sale of merchandise, exchange or assignment. We establish the best clauses in commercial sales contracts, so that the commercial contract is satisfied with what is stipulated in the clauses and satisfactory results are obtained.

We can also regulate your collaborations through commercial contracts such as agency, mandate or franchise. We adapt the wording to the regulations of each of the States involved and we verify the legal and formal correctness of the document.

We usually work with transport, guarantee, insurance, deposit, conservation or custody contracts. Also with those related to research and the assignment of intellectual and industrial property rights. 

We formalize your rights, obligations and commitments in writing, giving the document the greatest legal force to provide legal security. We can work in different languages ​​or commission legal or sworn translations from trusted official translators.

We work with all types of commercial contracts: contracts for the sale of merchandise, distribution contracts, construction or service contracts, supply contracts, lease contracts, franchise contracts, commission contracts, leasing contracts, renting contracts, agency, transport contracts, R&D contracts, Joint Venture, guarantee contracts, deposit contracts, custody contracts, loan and credit contracts, etc.

Commercial Contracting for Companies

Do you need advice on commercial contracting?

If you are looking for advice for the drafting and review of commercial contracts for your company, you need a law firm like ours. We know all the contractual forms commonly used in commercial practice and we draw up the contracts according to the client's needs.

We can assist you in person at our offices, which have the best lawyers in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Reus, or remotely, without having to go to our office in person. We will study your needs and design a customized commercial contract, which guarantees compliance with the obligations and allows you to claim it before the Courts if the counterparty breaches the commitment. 

Contact us at Tel. (+34) 936 26 49 49, or send us an email to info@forcamabogados.com

Frequently asked questions about commercial contracts

Yes, both judicially and extrajudicially, and through alternative dispute resolution methods (arbitration, mediation, etc.).

We will only need to know more about the agreement that we want to document. Contact us to tell us about your case.

A commercial sales contract is a legal agreement between two parties in which one sells a product or service to the other in exchange for payment. This type of contract is used in commercial transactions and has specific characteristics, such as the obligation to deliver the product and payment within a certain period.

Contact us for more information.

To make a contract for the sale of a vehicle in Spain, it is advisable to have expert lawyers in commercial contracts, include the information of the buyer and the seller, the description of the vehicle, the agreed price, the payment conditions and protection clauses to avoid problems legal when purchasing the vehicle.