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Practice areas

Commercial Lawyers

Forcam Lawyers offers quality legal services in Commercial Law at a national and international level. We have a team of commercial lawyers in Spain with extensive experience in commercial advice to companies of all the world.

As commercial lawyers specialized in commercial advice to companies, we know that the needs of companies are very varied. From the choice of its legal form and constitution, to its daily management, sometimes going through the sale, or, in the worst scenario, the bankruptcy.

We also take care of the tasks of drafting and reviewing national and international commercial contracts, as well as their judicial and extrajudicial claim.

We offer expert advice on taxation, so that companies can have more tax incentives, better management, and a strategic plan so that companies can be more competitive both at a tax and legal level. We explore national and international markets to be able to install your business in other territories or countries that may have great tax and commercial advantages. 

If you need quality commercial anb business advice in Spain, contact us, our commercial lawyers will solve your doubts, and propose legal strategies adapted to your needs.

Expert lawyers in commercial law with experience in Spain

We conceive close treatment and the quality of our services in commercial law, as one of our main priorities, always respecting the Commercial Code.

We offer commercial advice to companies in Spain

We offer complex advice on commercial law from the first moment the company is incorporated. We accompany companies in their professional career so that their decisions correspond to the legality in commercial traffic, we advise businesses on possible internal agreements from the administrative body itself, and we offer advice on agreements that are made externally, with other Societies.

We manage the sale of shares and participations to the company's own partners or third parties, we carry out business transfers, legalizing the new situation of the company. We treat corporate conflicts with solvency, always trying to safeguard the interests of the parties and the business.

Our clients are companies that appreciate the quality of our legal services. From our law firm in Spain, and through the team of corporate lawyers, we offer corporate legal advice, with professionalism, experience, and closeness.

We plan the taxation of companies in Spain

We are experienced commercial lawyers, and experts in business tax planning in Spain, developing legal and tax strategies to achieve maximum tax savings. We keep a detailed control of the assets and liabilities of the company, to guarantee the success of fiscal operations. 

We take care of presenting the taxes that are necessary for the proper functioning of the company (corporate tax, VAT, etc.) we prepare the reports and Annual Accounts before the corresponding Mercantile Registry, we manage the intra-community and national operations applying the best possible taxation for the benefit of the company, etc.

We advise the company to be able to establish the business in Spain or in other countries, to improve its taxation and be more competitive in the market. We are always in contact with our clients in order to improve and encourage joint strategies in order to have a better fiscal and business result in spain.

We carry out commercial contracts and adapt them to the needs of companies in Spain

We draft, modify and review commercial contracts in companies of all kinds adapted to the rules of commercial law and in the Commercial Code. We manage national and international commercial contracts, with rigor and efficiency to satisfy the needs of the company. Among others, we carry out purchase and sale contracts, distribution contracts, franchise contracts, leasing contracts, agency contracts, Joint Ventures, etc.

In addition, as experts in Commercial Law in Spain, we take care of demanding the fulfillment or resolution of commercial contracts in National and International companies of all kinds. 

We enforce agreements established between large companies and medium-sized companies by challenging social agreements that have been breached, the named Corporate Rebels.

Commercial Lawyers

Do you need a commercial lawyer for your company in Spain?

If you need commercial advice for your company, we recommend you contact our law firm to study your case. We will defend the interests of your company with diligence and speed, operating throughout the National and International territory. 

At Forcam Lawyers we serve our clients in person at our offices in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Reus), and we can also assist you remotely, since we offer a telematic legal advice service (videoconference, telephone, mail, etc.), so that our clients can receive advice on commercial law from any place of the world

Our experience will allow you to protect the interests of your company, and carry out commercial operations safely and in accordance with the law, through our professionals:

International Lawyers in Barcelona
International Lawyers in Madrid
International Lawyers in Reus

Contact us at Tel. (+34) 936 26 49 49, or send us an email to info@forcamabogados.com

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a commercial lawyer in Spain, it is important to look for experience in the area of ​​commercial law, effective communication skills, and a good reputation in the marketplace. It is also important to find a commercial lawyer who has experience in your activity. 

When choosing a commercial lawyer for your business, it is important to look for a law firm with experience in the area of ​​commercial law. It is also important to trust a lawyer who has good communication and gives you good legal solutions.


Optimizing the taxation of a company in Spain implies applying the tax laws correctly. The strategy includes advance tax planning, the choice of the most favorable tax regime, the deduction of expenses and the optimization of the company. It is advisable to have the advice of commercial and tax lawyers.

Carrying out the sale of shares is a common operation in commercial traffic, but it must be taken into account that it is subject to taxes and to a series of particularities established by the Companies Law. To carry out the sale of shares, it is highly recommended to go to a commercial law firm, such as Forcam Abogados.