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Practice areas

Criminal Lawyers in Reus

FORCAM ABOGADOS offers criminal advice on Criminal Law at a national and international level. We have a team of criminal lawyers with extensive experience in legal advice on criminal matters.

We are criminal lawyers specialized in the defense and advice of criminal conduct, exercising both defense and prosecution in all types of criminal proceedings. We take care of the presentation and drafting of all kinds of criminal complaints and complaints, before the police station, the prosecutor's office and the courts. We carry out criminal trials before the Courts: trials for minor crimes, quick trials, abbreviated criminal trials, ordinary criminal trials, etc.

Our criminal lawyers accompany and advise the client from the commission of the crime, and it is essential for our law firm to offer a humane, professional and close relationship with the client. In addition, the team of criminal lawyers will offer you trust and absolute confidentiality from the first moment.

The criminal lawyers of the firm have experience and a high level of knowledge in criminal matters, which is a guarantee to be successful in criminal matters, and to achieve the full satisfaction of our clients.

If you need a criminal lawyer, contact us, we will study your case in detail and develop the best possible criminal strategy to achieve full satisfaction of the criminal matter.

Trusted and experienced criminal lawyers

Forcam Abogados has intervened in complex and extremely difficult criminal cases. All of our criminal lawyers have experience and a high level of knowledge in criminal law. Our law firm provides quality criminal advice, with close treatment and the maximum possible confidentiality with clients.

We take care of the defense and accusation of crimes in defense of the company, crimes against people (injuries, sexual abuse, gender violence, among others), property crimes (fraud, robbery, among others), and drug trafficking crimes. drugs and drug trafficking.

We take care of writing criminal complaints

Our team of criminal lawyers is in charge of the investigation and drafting of criminal complaints and complaints, to prosecute the criminal offense carrying out the best possible criminal strategy. Depending on the matter and the events that have occurred, we advise you to file a complaint or criminal complaint. We draft criminal complaints and complaints with rigor and efficiency, always trying to achieve the objectives proposed with the client.

We represent our clients in criminal trials

The criminal lawyers of the firm are in charge of exercising the accusation and defense in criminal trials, such as quick trials, abbreviated criminal trials, ordinary criminal trials, and trials for minor crimes.

We manage the best defense and accusation of our clients before the criminal courts, accusing or defending in criminal trials that can carry prison sentences, or compensation, depending on the crimes committed.

We assist our clients in Courts, police stations, police stations and prisons, in the event that the assistance of our criminal lawyers is required.

We exercise the criminal defense of companies

We have prestigious criminal lawyers, experts in criminal advice to companies and companies, so we become benchmark lawyers in matters of regulatory compliance (Criminal Compliance) and criminal defense of the company from the outset.

We exercise the accusation and defense in crimes against people

At FORCAM ABOGADOS we are also specialized in prosecuting crimes against people. Such as crimes against life, liberty or the physical or moral integrity of people. We speak, therefore, of crimes of considerable gravity, usually punished with prison sentences. Some of these crimes are crimes of injury, sexual abuse, gender violence, among others.

We exercise the accusation and defense in patrimonial crimes

We have a Criminal Department specialized in property crimes, such as fraud crimes, robbery crimes, misappropriation crimes, among others. Our criminal lawyers are in charge of the investigation and investigation of the commission of these crimes, exercising the accusation and criminal defense,

We defend drug trafficking crimes

In crimes against public health due to drug trafficking, it is essential to have the support of the best criminal lawyers. In the first place, due to the criminal consequences of committing this type of crime. And, secondly, because it is extremely important to establish effective defense strategies against unfounded accusations of drug trafficking.

Criminal Lawyers in Reus

Do you need a criminal lawyer?

If you need quality criminal advice in criminal matters, we recommend you contact our criminal lawyers so that we can study your case.

We can assist you in person at our office in Reus. In addition, we can also serve you remotely, since we offer a telematic legal advice service (videoconference, telephone, mail, etc.), so that our clients can receive criminal advice from our criminal lawyers from anywhere.

Our experience in criminal law will allow you to have quality criminal advice, establish criminal strategies adapted to the needs of each case, and successfully fulfill the interests of our clients.