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Debt Claim Lawyers

Debt Claim Lawyers

We have the best lawyers in debt claims at a National and International level. We are lawyers specialized in the claim of high debts to companies and individuals. We claim debts through the courts and out of court.

At Forcam Lawyers we have specialized in debt claims for years. This, together with our international projection, has made us a benchmark in terms of credit recovery between companies and individuals.

We claim non-payments throughout Spain, and also abroad, as we have National and International non-payment claim departments.

Our team of lawyers who are experts in debt claims have experience and a high level of knowledge. Thanks to this, we can claim high debts between companies, professionals and individuals in Spain and the EU, both through European judicial procedures (such as the European order for payment) and those that are applicable in Spain at the judicial level (for order for payment, verbal and ordinary) or by extrajudicial means.

Contact us, if you are looking for a quality law firm to claim high debts. We will study your case and inform you about the feasibility and details of your case.

Lawyers with experience in debt claims

The management of debt claims is one of the key tasks for any company, professional and individual. At Forcam Lawyers we are expert lawyers in claiming debts, especially when they are high and complex. We take care of the management and the claim, always informing our clients of the feasibility of recovering it.

We claim debts between companies and individuals

We claim large debts between companies and individuals, from 12.000 €. We urge extrajudicial and judicial procedures, with the intention of recovering the credit as soon as possible. There are different ways of acting to recover high debts in Spain. Depending on the type of credit, we urge one type of claim or another.

The philosophy of Forcam Lawyers to claim debts is effective and fast, in addition we use the necessary means in order to recover them as soon as possible. Depending on the amount owed, the debtor company, the degree of solvency, and the information that we may have about the company through the investigations that our law firm carries out, we first try the friendly route, and later, and as soon as only in the event that the friendly process is not fruitful, we make the claim through the courts.

We always recommend that the amount to be claimed exceeds 12.000 euros, in order to have the best claim mechanisms offered by the legal system.

We recover debts through extrajudicial agreements

Our experience shows that, except in special cases, it is convenient to try to recover what is owed out of court. Even in cases where this must involve negotiation, the savings in time and money and the less aggressiveness of the claim usually result in benefits for all parties involved.

Compliance with out-of-court agreements is enforceable in court. So we can achieve solid binding agreements without having to go through the court.

We claim judicial debts

The judicial debt claim procedure is a simple, very useful and fast judicial procedure that is used to claim outstanding debts from all types of companies, professionals, individuals, etc. Through this judicial procedure we expedite the claim pending payment. In order to claim with guarantees, it is important that the debt can be accredited with documentation, such as invoices, delivery notes, notarial documents, proof of bank transfer, debt acknowledgment, etc.

There are different judicial procedures for debt claims, such as the order for payment procedure, the exchange procedure, and the declaratory procedures, among them, the verbal and the ordinary. Depending on the type of non-payment to claim, we request one judicial procedure or another.

Before initiating legal proceedings, our expert debt claim lawyers study the feasibility of each matter, and if necessary, we carry out internal investigations to ensure that the non-payment to be claimed legally can be recovered quickly and efficiently.

We claim international debts 

The European Union has different processes and instruments to facilitate the claim of debts between Member States. Among them, the claim for a large amount, the European order for payment process or the European account retention order. In our law firm we are familiar with the use of all these tools, so we can help in the claim of non-payment of debts of national and international. At Forcam Lawyers we serve clients from all over Spain and abroud.

Debt Claim Lawyers

Do you need a lawyer to claim debts?

Debt claim is our main area of ​​expertise. We have expert lawyers in claiming high debts, and thanks to the experience of our lawyers, we recover defaults quickly and efficiently. 

If you want to claim a high debt, and want to recover it as soon as possible, contact us. We will study your situation to determine the best legal strategy and we will put at your disposal the experience and specialization of our best lawyers, experts in debt claims.

Contact us at Tel. (+34) 936 26 49 49, or send us an email to info@forcamabogados.com

We can assist you in person at our offices. In addition, we can also assist you remotely, since we offer a telematic legal advice service (videoconference, telephone, mail, etc.), so that our national and international clients can receive advice from our expert lawyers, from anywhere. At Forcam Lawyers we have:

Law firm Barcelona
Law firm Madrid
Law firm Reus

Frequently asked questions on debt claim

In addition to the judicial procedures for claiming debts, we can use others, among which the request for monitoring in claiming a debt stands out.

There is no maximum or minimum amount. However, at Forcam Lawyers we recommend claiming debts greater than 12.000 €, since claiming lower debts may be uneconomical.

Yes, it will also be necessary to do so in Spain when there is a reservation of jurisdiction or, failing this, the debtor is domiciled in Spain.

It is important for lawyers to be specialists in claiming debts, nationally and internationally. This is the case of Forcam Lawyers, who claim debts quickly and efficiently.