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Debts Recovery Lawyers

Forcam Lawyers offers quality legal services in debt recovery at a national and international level. We have a team of debt lawyers who are experts in recovering high debts from companies and individuals.

We take care of claiming large debts quickly and efficiently, since we have the best lawyers in debts, claims for non-payments, unpaid invoices, collection of defaulters, among others.

We are specialists recovering debts in Spain. In addition, we have a specific Department for the collection of international debts, which is in charge of claiming debts from companies and individuals that are outside of Spain.

Our clients are companies and individuals who want to recover high debts, in the most efficient way possible. Numerous success stories endorse Forcam Lawyers as one of the best Spanish firms in the field of recovery of national and international debts. 

Contact us, and recover your high debt quickly and efficiently.

Expert lawyers in the recovery of large debts in Spain

We have the best debt lawyers in Spain having experience and a high level of knowledge in the recovery of non-payments. We offer our clients consolidated strategies to fully recover debts, through amicable or judicial channels.

We recover debts over 12.000 € in Spain

We have established consolidated mechanisms and strategies to recover credits quickly and efficiently. We carry out complex negotiation procedures through friendly channels. In the event that the friendly route is not viable, we urge quick and effective judicial procedures to provide solutions to our clients. 

If you want to claim a hight debt in Spain, and the amount is greater than 12.000 euros, Forcam Lawyers is your best option. We have successfully handled this type of claim both judicially and extrajudicially. We work daily in the recovery of debts at a national and international level, so that we know the commercial and judicial practice, offering precise and effective solutions.

We recover debts through extrajudicial procedures in Spain

Our debt lawyers in Spain are in charge of the recovery of non-payments of companies and individuals by judicial and extrajudicial means. However, before going to court, and whenever feasible, we manage friendly procedures. 

When it comes to claiming compliance with any obligation, it is advisable to negotiate with the debtor, and try by all means to recover the debt.

If the debtor has the ability to pay, we will initiate the necessary friendly procedures to recover a debt, and we will reach out-of-court agreements that give legal form to the agreement reached.

We recover debts through legal proceedings in Spain

The judicial debt recovery procedure in Spain begins when the friendly phase of negotiation with the debtor has not given a satisfactory result. The judicial procedure has the objective of recovering a debt quickly, effectively and efficiently, going to the Courts. Depending on the type and amount, we will initiate one type of judicial procedure, or another.

The judicial claim procedure is a very useful and fast procedure that is used to claim defaults from all types of businessmen, professionals, individuals, etc, as long as there is no debt prescription.

At Forcam Lawyers, we also take care of requesting compliance with payment agreements and debt acknowledgments in Spain, to resolve the obligation between individuals or companies as soon as possible. 

We recover debts in Spain from national and international clients.

Debts Recovery Lawyers

Do you need a debt lawyer to recover a large debt in Spain?

If you need to recover a high debt in Spain and want to receive quality legal advice, contact us, we will study your case, to establish the most appropriate strategy and achieve the proposed objectives.

At Forcam Lawyers we can assist you in person at our offices. In addition, we can also assist you remotely, since we offer a telematic legal advice service (videoconference, telephone, mail, etc.), so that our clients can recover their debts in Spain and receive quality advice from anywhere. We have the following offices:

Forcam Lawyers Barcelona
Forcam Lawyers Madrid
Forcam Lawyers Reus

Contact us at Tel. (+34) 936 26 49 49, or send us an email to info@forcamabogados.com

Frequently Asked Questions

In Spain, the statute of limitations for a debt varies depending on the type of debt and the Autonomous Community where it is located. In general, debts prescribe after five years. It is important to consult with a debt attorney for more information.



In Spain, the expiration period is 5 years from the date of the court ruling. However, it is important to consult with an experienced debt lawyer for accurate and up-to-date information on the statute of limitations.

To find the best debt lawyer for you, it is important to do extensive research. Search for debt lawyers and read reviews from past clients. Be sure to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your needs and assess whether the lawyer is right for you.

In Spain, the debts of a deceased are inherited by their legal heirs. If the debt exceeds the value of the estate, the heirs can give up the estate and not be responsible for the debts. However, it is important to seek advice from debt lawyers.