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Expert Dismissal Lawyers

Expert Dismissal Lawyers

Many conflicts can emanate before the dismissal and the extinction of an employment contract. In all cases, it is advisable to seek the assistance of lawyers who are experts in dismissals to safeguard the rights of the worker, and to be able to receive a high severance pay

Despite the fact that the company, based on its principle of freedom, has a wide discretionary margin, there are situations in which it cannot fire its staff. Sometimes even, the company does not notify the worker of the dismissal correctly, or dismisses him for no reason without justification, so it is important to receive advice as soon as possible.

At Forcam Lawyers we have faced hundreds of situations in which the company has not respected the rights of workers. And this experience makes us the ideal law firm for all those people who have been laid off and want to receive expert and quality advice.

Contact us, and our dismissal lawyers will advise you and fight for your rights to obtain high severance pay. We offer quality legal services throughout Spain and abroad.

Experience in dismissals and claims for workers' compensation

Dismissal is the termination of the employment contract by unilateral decision of the company. While this practice is permitted, it is subject to certain limitations. 

For example, there are situations in which the company cannot proceed with the dismissal. On other occasions, you must respect notice periods, or justify your decision and/or pay a high compensation. 

Whenever there are doubts about the legality of the cause, it is advisable to have the support of expert dismissal lawyers. Our job is to analyze whether the rights of the affected workers have been respected, and, if not, to claim them both through negotiation and through the courts, to obtain high severance pay.

We manage all kinds of dismissals 

Our Legal System recognizes different types of dismissals. Each of them adheres to its own processes and displays differentiated effects. Thus, the company can resort to objective or disciplinary dismissals.

The objective dismissal is caused by factors beyond the control of the company, and therefore it will be obliged to prove it in case of challenge. In addition, it entails the obligation to pay a high compensation and grant advance notice and a period of leave to find a new job

For its part, disciplinary dismissal does not entail the payment of compensation. However, the company must be able to prove the breach of the dismissed person. In this sense, it should be noted that the means of obtaining evidence must be legitimate. If the dismissal is not legal, you can contest and claim high severance pay.

On the other hand, the challenge of the dismissal will lead to its classification as appropriate, unfair or null. Everyone who is in accordance with the law will be appropriate, and in this case the challenge will not achieve anything more than confirm the effects of the same. 

Unfair dismissals are those that are unjustified or those that have not respected the due process. In this case we can obtain a high severance pay or reinstatement to the job.

Lastly, null dismissals are those prohibited for being discriminatory or for violating fundamental rights and public liberties. In these cases, a high severance pay can be obtained and annul the effects of the same.

As expert lawyers in dismissals, from Forcam Lawyers we can analyze the form and effects of your dismissal and inform you about the possibility and feasibility of challenging it and obtaining a high severance pay. Likewise, we can help the company to adjust its extinctive decision to legality to avoid lawsuits and sanctions.

We claim hight severance pay

Compensation is a concept closely linked to unfair dismissal. Sometimes it must be paid for the dismissal to be appropriate, while on other occasions it represents a sanction for terminating the employment relationship without legal protection.

From our law firm we will advise you on your dismissal, and we will claim the high severance pay.

Expert Dismissal Lawyers

Do you need an expert dismissal lawyer?

We are experienced dismissal lawyers. We can represent you both in court and amicably, through out-of-court negotiations to obtain high severance pay or reinstatement to your job. 

Contact us at Tel(+34) 936 26 49 49, or send us an email to info@forcamabogados.com

We can assist you personally in any of our offices. In addition, we can also serve you remotely, without you having to go to our offices, by telematic means (videoconference, telephone, email, etc.), since we offer advice on dismissals at a national and international level. We represent our National and International clients in dismissals throughout Spain. We have:

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Frequently asked questions about dismissals

Because we are labor lawyers who are experts in dismissals and we will offer you a quick and effective solution, exploiting all the channels at your disposal to restore your rights and receive compensation.

Although it is not legally required, it is highly recommended if you want to be successful in your claims.

In most cases, yes. Contact Forcam Abogados and we will study your specific situation.

Only 20 days, so the speed to contact expert dismissal lawyers is key in this type of process.