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Expert Divorce Lawyers

Expert Divorce Lawyers

We are expert lawyers in divorces by mutual agreement and contentious divorces. We have a long history advising married couples to successfully manage the effects of separation. We are experts in separations and marital breakdowns, and for this reason we understand the importance and seriousness of these situations in the lives of the people affected. 

Our divorce lawyers offer quality legal advice. We manage the marriage procedures of those families residing in Spain, and families residing abroad. 

Our philosophy consists of urging the marital dissolution procedures always attending to the interest of each client. We carry out negotiations and help the parties to understand each other, so that they do not make the marital breakdown a more unpleasant situation for themselves or their relatives. Particularly for their sons and daughters. 

However, we are aware that it is not always possible to reach an agreement in this type of marriage proceedings. That is why our divorce lawyers can process the separation through representation and defense in the Courts. We are backed by hundreds of success stories, in which we have defended the family and economic interests of clients from all over the world.

We are specialized in safeguarding family businesses, high net worths and complex breakups. So we are the best option for those cases in which one of the spouses (or both) puts large economic interests at stake. Contact us.

Close and experienced divorce lawyers

Our divorce lawyers are committed to managing matrimonial proceedings, always thinking about the interests of our clients. In addition, and whenever possible, we take care of negotiating to avoid conflicts between the parties. This is particularly important in those cases in which minor children are affected. But we can also defend your interests in court if it is necessary to resort to legal proceedings.

Uncontested Divorce

As long as the parties are able to reach an agreement regarding the legal and economic consequences, a mutual agreement procedure may be processed.

Contentious divorce

Thus, the procedure will be more complex in those cases in which it is not possible to sign a regulatory agreement and the mutual agreement procedure is not recommended. That is why we will offer you quality legal advice from the first moment you come to our law firm, giving you the necessary recommendations to process the contentious divorce successfully and obtain great results. 

If you want to get divorced, we will prepare a lawsuit, taking into account your interests, your situation with your minor children (if any), and always protecting your assets and economic interests. Our divorce lawyers are close and have experience and a high level of specialization, to represent you with guarantees before the Courts.

We process your regulatory agreement or lawsuit

Whichever way we have to resort to, we will fully take care of all your procedures. We will draft and notarize your regulatory agreement, or, in the case of not reaching an agreement, we will draft and present your claim.

We process international divorces

If there are elements of immigration or it is necessary to obtain the exequatur of foreign resolutions, we can also manage it. In our office we are characterized by our international approach, so we can carry out all the procedures reducing your travel.

We help you protect your assets

We know that personal assets are one of the elements at risk in any procedure. And we are prepared to defend what is yours. We have spent many years protecting our clients' assets after their marriage breakup, so you can take advantage of our experience to safeguard your interests.

Expert Divorce Lawyers

Do you need a divorce lawyer?

If you need an expert divorce lawyer in the matter, we recommend you contact our law firm so that we can study your case. We know how to manage the marital breakdown with the tact that the situation deserves and the technical knowledge of the field. 

We can assist you in person at our offices in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Reus and Tarrega, or remotely, telematically (videoconference, telephone, etc.) without having to go to our office in person, since we work with National and International clients.

Our experience in matrimonial procedures will allow you to process the procedure successfully, and manage to protect your personal, patrimonial and economic interests.

If you want to get divorced, and receive quality legal advice, contact us.

Frequently asked questions about divorce

Of course. At Forcam Abogados we can provide you with all the assistance you need in your divorce process, whether national or international.

Yes. We are specialists in divorce litigation in Spain, so we can represent you before our jurisdictional bodies.

We will help you reach an agreement. If it does not work, we will proceed to the drafting and filing of the contentious divorce petition.

Yes. Our international focus allows us to provide you with legal services in the divorce proceedings in your native language.