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Do companies have a working life report?

Labor Law
Do companies have a working life report?

Today, companies have a Work Life Report. This report compiles the most important data and information on the contributions to the companies' Social Security system in the last year. This type of report is relatively new in time, since it was not long ago that the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS) began to prepare these types of documents.

Objective of the report

Our lawyers highlight that among the objectives of the report issued by the TGSS is to provide the most essential information to companies, specifically about contributions to the Social Security system.

Thanks to this new system, a document relating to all amounts, calculations and contributions to be paid by the company to each worker can be provided to all companies.

What information does the report contain?

According to our lawyers specialized in labor law, the information contained in the report can be divided into the following sections:

- Identification data: This part provides information on the company name or NIF associated with the contribution account. Among the most outstanding data, we can see the company's registered office and email.

- Quotation data: This section includes the following settlements:

Settlements submitted. Information related to the number of settlements submitted by the company is provided.

Fees calculated by the TGSS. The information on the quotas calculated by the Treasury is detailed, differentiating the amount corresponding to the contribution of the employer and that of the worker.

Contribution bases. It contains the amount of the contribution bases for common contingencies, professional contingencies and overtime.

Deductions and compensation. It informs about deductions, compensations applied for situations of temporary disability and bonuses for professional training for the employment of workers.

Payment concepts paid. It provides information on these concepts communicated by the company up to the date of generation of the report.

Fees entered. This section shows the amounts entered by the company in relation to the settlements presented.

Situation on the income of Social Security quotas. It is informed about the situation of the company in relation to the fulfillment of its obligations with Social Security.

Deferral of fees. If the company has deferred debt on the last day of the year, the amount pending amortization is reported at the end of the year.

- Other Main CCC data: This section provides company information regarding the Main Listing Account Code and updated as of the report generation date.

- Graphic information on:

Evolution of its contribution to Social Security: it offers the temporal evolution in the year of the quotas calculated by the TGSS from the ordinary and complementary settlements presented by the company in the statutory period of income.

Evolution of the number of workers at the end of each month: shows the evolution of the number of workers who were registered in the company at the end of each month of the year.

Number of workers for each modality of the employment contract: represents the number of workers who are registered, distributed according to their contractual modality.

Volume of work according to the modality of the employment contract: it relates the contractual modality and the volume of work that corresponds to each type of contract.

Evolution of real days: shows the temporal evolution of the number of Real Days, actually worked, declared by the company during the year.

How is the report accessed?

Companies can download this report in the Electronic Office of Social Security, within the "Telematic Notifications" section, through the "Telematic Communications" option.

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