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Crimes against Public Health

Crimes against Public Health

Crimes against public health are those related to the preparation, supply or sale of substances that are harmful to health or chemical products that can cause havoc. They are generally related to drug trafficking, which is its most common version. 

We are facing particularly serious crimes, which therefore carry significant prison sentences, which is why it is important to carry out a good defense in criminal trials for the crime of drug trafficking. In addition, the actions of the authorities in court can lead to confiscation, financial sanctions and even the imposition of sentences on legal persons or companies.

For this reason, it is crucial to have lawyers with experience in defending drug trafficking crimes, especially when defending against a drug trafficking accusation, and thus be able to carry out a good drug trafficking criminal trial. This is the case of Forcam Lawyers, where we have criminal lawyers with experience in drug and medicine trafficking.

If you need highly specialized criminal advice from our drug trafficking lawyers, contact us. We are lawyers with experience in carrying out criminal drug trafficking trials, and safeguarding the rights of our clients.

Lawyers with experience in Drug Trafficking Crimes

By punishing crimes against public health, our criminal law tries to protect the well-being of people, understood in a collective sense.

Precisely for this reason, actions such as the production or manufacture of harmful chemical substances are pursued. Although also transport or distribution.

The crime of drug trafficking

Our Penal Code imposes prison sentences on whoever produces substances that are harmful to health, as well as whoever dispatches, supplies or trades them. Medicines for human or veterinary use and those under investigation without proper approval also fall under this heading. 

These crimes can be committed both in ordinary traffic and through the Internet or telecommunication media. In this sense, advertising or promotional actions are also condemned. In addition, reckless commission is admitted and provocation, conspiracy and proposition are punished.

Like other crimes, drug trafficking is aggravated when certain circumstances occur. For example, participation in a criminal organization or offering to minors or vulnerable people. That is why it is important that in the event of a drug trafficking criminal trial, there is a good criminal defense from lawyers with experience in drug trafficking, such as Forcam Lawyers.

Why have a criminal lawyer specialized in crimes against public health

To defend yourself against a drug trafficking accusation, it is necessary to have the support of the best drug trafficking lawyers. Firstly, due to the importance that a drug trafficking criminal trial may have, and secondly, due to the criminal consequences of the attribution of criminal responsibility. 

As we have already indicated, these crimes carry long prison sentences. But, in addition, with the aim of preventing the alleged criminal from obtaining a profit with his criminal conduct, equipment, materials and effects can be confiscated, as well as means, instruments and profits.

In other words, the responsibility derived from a crime against public health reaches the assets of the accused. All this apart from the fines that could be imposed.

Furthermore, organizations and companies can be sentenced for this crime. According to the Spanish penal code, the penalties that can range from pecuniary sanctions to the intervention or even the extinction of its legal form.

We cannot leave aside the injury to honor that comes with an accusation for a crime of drug trafficking. An issue that will put into play the defense of the defendant's image, which will probably require an additional legal effort on the part of the drug trafficking lawyer.

Crimes against Public Health

Do you need an experienced drug trafficking lawyer?

In our law firm we have some of the best lawyers in conducting criminal trials for drug trafficking. Our law firm has developed effective criminal defense strategies against unfounded accusations of drug trafficking.

If you need us to defend you, contact us so that we can get to work. We have offices in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Tarrega or Reus, but we can also help you from a distance, without having to visit our offices in person, as we offer advice to the whole of Spain.

Frequently asked questions about the Crime of Drug Trafficking

The sentence for drug trafficking in Spain varies depending on the amount and type of drug. Penalties can range from fines to years in prison. In general, the sentences for drug trafficking are quite severe in Spain. If you are accused of drug trafficking, it is advisable to hire an expert lawyer.

When choosing a drug trafficking lawyer in Spain, it is important to look for one with experience in cases similar to yours, who is very confident and comfortable working with you. It is also important to make sure that you are willing to work aggressively and effectively on your defense.

Preparing for a drug trafficking trial in Spain can be overwhelming, which is why it is important to hire an experienced drug trafficking lawyer. You should also collect all the evidence you have. Make sure you understand your rights and the possible consequences of the lawsuit.

A specialist drug lawyer in Spain can provide expert legal advice in drug cases, including defense in cases of drug possession, trafficking and distribution. They can also help clients reduce prison terms and avoid harsh criminal sentences.