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Gender Violence and Sexual Assaults

Gender Violence and Sexual Assaults

If you need the assistance of a team of lawyers who are experts in sexual assaults, gender violence and injuries, Forcam Lawyers is your trusted law firm in Spain. We have lawyers with experience in making complaints and criminal trials of sexual assaults and injuries. We are also experts in the crimes of sexual abuse, rape, threats, coercion, gender violence, sexual harassment, etc. 

These crimes are among the most serious contemplated in the Penal Code in Spain. This is why it is important to have legal advice from lawyers who are experts in gender violence when filing a complaint for sexual assaults and injuries, or defending yourself against them.

We can represent you in all kinds of criminal trials involving sexual assault, sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape, and injury in Spain.

If you have been a victim of sexual assault, gender violence, or injuries, contact us. Our maximum commitment is to impart justice and that the victims can be assisted by experienced lawyers and have a close and personal treatment.

Professionals with experience in gender violence and abuse

At Forcam Lawyers we are specialized in prosecuting crimes against sexual assault, gender violence and injuries. We are speaking, therefore, of crimes of considerable seriousness, usually punished with prison sentences.

We make every effort to achieve reparation for the victim or, at least, to avoid the feeling of helplessness. We demand the criminal responsibility of the offender in the Courts and Tribunals of all Spain.

Injury crimes in Spain

Injury crimes include those conducts that result in bodily or psychological harm to the victim. Depending on the concurrent circumstances, its severity and associated penalty may differ. In any case, we can help you prevent any type of injury from going unpunished.

Crimes of sexual assault and sexual abuse in Spain

The crimes of sexual assault and sexual abuse include conduct that threatens freedom and sexual indemnity. They can be committed in public or trusted spaces, and also through social networks. Our lawyers have the necessary experience to carry out complaints and criminal trials of sexual assaults in Spain, in addition we protect the victims who suffer this kind of sexual abuse. 

Since the entry into force of the Organic Law of Comprehensive Guarantee of Sexual Freedom, on the date of October 6, 2022, Organic Law 10/2022, there is no crime of sexual abuse as it was previously known in the Penal Code. With the new regulations, any act that threatens the freedom or sexual indemnity of a person carried out without their consent will constitute a crime of sexual assault. Therefore, in the event of conviction of the aggressor, the prison sentences would have to be more serious than the previous regulation. 

If the aggressor committed the crime of sexual abuse or sexual assault before October 6, 2022, the Penal Code prior to the current reform will apply. 

The new reform of the Penal Code, through the law "only Yes, it is Yes" on sexual assault and sexual abuse, broadens the catalog of crimes related to sexual freedom, including crimes against moral integrity, degrading treatment and hostile or humiliating acts towards the victim, crimes of sexual harassment, requests for favors of a sexual nature, and sending content of an intimate sexual nature to third parties.

If you have been the victim of gender violence in Spain, contact our law firm, we have a team of lawyers who are experts in the crimes of sexual assault, injury, sexual harassment, gender violence, sexual abuse, coercion, threats, and all crimes that threaten the sexual indemnity and sexual freedom of the victims in Spain.

Crimes of threats and coercion in Spain

The crimes of threats and coercion seek to attack the freedom of the victim. They are common crimes, but not necessarily less serious than the previous ones. From our office we will help you report these criminal behaviors.

Crimes of gender violence in Spain

Gender based violence is a specific aggravating circumstance for crimes against persons when there is or has been a marital or similar relationship, relationship or affective relationship, cohabiting or not, between the perpetrator of the crime of gender violence and the victim.

The criminal lawyers of Forcam Lawyers we are aware of the fight against this type of crime in Spain, so we can be of great help to protect your rights as a victim of gender violence and carry out the necessary criminal proceedings to criminally condemn gender violence.

Stalking or harassment crimes in Spain

The crimes of stalking or harassment have proliferated with the expansion of social networks and the use of information and communication technologies. However, we have tools to prosecute these crimes, both in their digital and traditional forms.

We present your complaint

The prosecution of the crime can be initiated by means of a complaint. This is characterized by allowing the complainant to be part of the procedure, while in the complaint the injured party will be part of the procedure at a later time. We have experience in making complaints and criminal trials of sexual assaults, injuries, sexual abuse, gender violence, sexual harassment, threats, and coercion in Spain.

We represent you in criminal trials of all kinds

There are different types of criminal trials, depending on the seriousness of the conduct pursued and the concurrent circumstances. Our criminal lawyers have experience in all kinds of litigation: summary, abbreviated, fast and minor, throughout the national territory.

Gender Violence and Sexual Assaults

Do you need a lawyer in gender violence in Spain?

Criminal Law is a complex discipline, and for this reason it is convenient to report crimes of gender violence, sexual assaults and injuries, with the help of a lawyer with experience in this type of crime in particular.

We offer face-to-face service at our offices, and we also serve our clients from a distance, without having to go to our offices in person, as we offer assistance and advice on this type of crime throughout Spain.

Not only will we offer you a technical and effective legal response, we will also take care of you throughout the process so that the complaint for sexual assault and injuries does not suppose an additional burden. We know the complexity of your situation, so we will take care of everything to give you maximum peace of mind.

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Frequently asked questions about gender violence and sexual assaults

If you have been a victim of rape in Spain, it is important that you seek help and support. You can call a rape victim helpline. It is also important to notify authorities and filing a complaint against the abuser with the help of experienced sexual assault lawyers.

Contact us for more information.

Gender violence affects millions of people in Spain and around the world. It is a type of physical, psychological and sexual violence, exercised against any person on the basis of their sexual orientation, sex or gender that impacts in a negative way.
Contact us if you have suffered gender violence.

The speedy trial in cases of gender violence in Spain is an urgent and fast judicial procedure, which is used to judge crimes related to gender violence. It seeks to guarantee the protection of the victim and a sentence to punish the aggressor. It is important to have an expert lawyer in gender violence. Contact us.

When choosing a gender violence lawyer in Spain, it is important to look for someone with experience in similar cases and who has a client-focused approach. It is also important to feel comfortable and confident with your chosen lawyer, as gender-based violence can be a sensitive and difficult subject to deal with. Contact us.