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Practice areas

Labor Lawyers in Barcelona

Forcam Lawyers has a team of labor lawyers in Barcelona that provides legal services in Labor Law at a national and international level.

We are specialized in disciplinary dismissals, objective dismissals, unfair dismissals and compensation.

Our employment attorneys are experts in obtaining high compensation representing the interests of our national and international clients, either by friendly or judicial means. In addition, we manage workplace harassment or mobbing procedures, always protecting the interests of our clients.

We always fight for the rights of the client to impart justice and that the work carried out bears fruit. From the first moment you will receive personalized and quality attention in english, thanks to the experience and specialization of all the labor attorneys.

If you need specialized legal advice on labor law in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact us, we will solve your problem effectively and with the attention it deserves. We will attend you in English.

Experts in labor law and dismissals in Barcelona

Forcam Lawyers conceives the close relationship with the client and the quality of labor advice in English, as one of our main objectives.

We manage all types of dismissals in Barcelona

We are experts in claiming unfair dismissalscan represent you both in judicial proceedings in any Court, and in any extrajudicial negotiation to obtain a large and rapid compensation.

National and international clients appreciate that in the event of a dismissal or any other labor matter, our dismissal lawyers defend their interests with diligence and speed, always seeking total client satisfaction.

We manage national and international dismissals successfully, always safeguarding the interests of our clients, and obtaining substantial compensation. Through the experience of our labor lawyers, we offer labor legal advice on disciplinary dismissals, objective dismissals, unfair dismissals, invalid dismissals, etc.

Quality labor advice on layoffs in Barcelona

We manage all types of national and international layoffs, ​​whether through judicial or amicable means, achieving high compensation for our clients. 

We offer quality advice on labor matters and layoffs. From the first moment the client is dismissed, whether through a disciplinary dismissal or an objective dismissal, we will work on their case so as not to delay the procedural deadlines that exist in the workplace.

It is very important to act as soon as possible to protect workers' rights and obtain high workers' compensation.

We combat workplace harassment and mobbing in Barcelona

One of the specialties that our labor lawyers carry out is mobbing. Our long history as experts in workplace harassment of workers, allows us to help companies mitigate the risks of workplace harassment in their organization, as well as defend the rights of workers who suffer from it.

For us it is essential to detect and stop workplace harassment, so that clients who suffer from it can obtain solutions adapted to their needs and circumstances. We offer a comprehensive defense of workplace harassment and mobbing, demanding compensation and adaptations of working conditions.

We manage conciliations and labor negotiations in Barcelona

We are experts in the negotiation and conciliation of agreements to respect labor rights. Labor negotiations and conciliations offer the parties the possibility of reaching an agreement before the Judge intervenes.

It is important to have the assistance of experienced employment lawyers when negotiating, this is the case of our law office, who have the best employment attorneys in Barcelona to guarantee the success of labor conciliation and negotiation.
Labor Lawyers in Barcelona

Do you need a employment lawyer in Barcelona?

If you need quality legal advice on labor matters, we recommend you contact us, so that we can study your case. We will assist you in English.

We can assist you in person at our law firm in Barcelona. In addition, we can also assist you remotely, since we offer a telematic legal advice service (videoconference, telephone, mail, etc.), so that our clients can receive quality labor advice from our labor attorneys from anywhere.

Contact us at Tel. (+34) 936 26 49 49, or send us an email to bcn@forcamabogados.com