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Leading law firm in Spain

Forcam Lawyers Barcelona

<blockquote>The best International lawyers in Barcelona.<br /><br />Quality legal services.</blockquote>

Law Firm in Barcelona

Forcam Lawyers Barcelona is located in one of the best communicated areas of the city, with easy access by public transport and private transport. It is located at C / Can Rabia 3-5, Planta 4, Barcelona CP 08017. We have modern facilities adapted to the new times, divided into different spaces.

Forcam Lawyers Barcelona is a leading law firm that offers personalized and quality attention to its clients from all over the world. Our law office is made up of expert and experienced attorneys. Our international lawyers in Barcelona offer quality and highly specialized legal advice: Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law, Family Law, Recovering hight debts and Real Estate

We offer quality legal services to individuals and Companies, both nationally and internationally.

Contact us if you want to have personalized attention, from the best international lawyers in Barcelona.

Our law firm in Barcelona conceives the close treatment with the client and the quality of services, as one of the main objectives of the firm. We have a team of attorneys specialized in different areas of law, and with extensive experience in litigation, providing a guarantee of solvency for the client.

Our international attorneys offer legal advice and legal assistance in litigation, both to individuals and Companies.

We offer quality legal services through the experience and specialization of our international lawyers:

  • Lawyers specialized in labor law in Barcelona: We manage national and international layoffs with the aim of achieving fair compensation for our clients. We are experts in all kinds of dismissals of national and international clients. We manage workplace harassment issues between workers and labor conciliations. We offer quality labor advice to both workers and national and international companies. Experience and high level of knowledge in labor law.
  • Lawyers specialized in Debt Claims in Barcelona: We claim large debts and non-payments from both Companies and individuals. We recover hight debts at a national and international level, through judicial and extrajudicial procedures. Our goal is to recover the money owed as soon as possible and always acting rigorously and effectively. We have qualified professionals with experience in claiming high debts.
  • Lawyers specialized in Corporate Law in Barcelona: We offer quality legal advice to national and international Companies on business matters within the company, whether corporate conflicts, company creation, purchase of stakes and/or corporate shares, legal maintenance of companies, etc. We manage international commercial contracts between companies, with a specialty in drafting and reviewing commercial and business contracts to improve legal security in the operations of companies.
  • Lawyers specialized in Criminal Law in Barcelona: We are experts in economic and business criminal, property crimes, such as robbery and fraud, drug traffic, sexual assault, gender violence and injuries. We practice both defense and prosecution in criminal proceedings, to represent our clients criminally and achieve the proposed objectives. Experience in complex criminal matters and conducting criminal trials.
  • Lawyers specialized in Real Estate Law in Barcelona: We legally advice our clients in the purchase and sale of luxury homes and in investing in real estate, both for individuals and companies. We manage the purchase of real estate and the taxation of real estate operations. We offer a specialized  and experienced service in Real Estate Law to national and international clients, to protect their real estate investment.
  • Lawyers specialized in Family Law in Barcelona: We carry out divorces of all types, marital and couple breakups, custody of children, and family mediation, to reach favorable agreements between the parties. We are responsible for solving complex family conflicts and protecting the assets of our national and international clients. We act with professionalism and closeness, to achieve our objectives and represent the interests of our clients in a satisfactory manner.
<blockquote>The best International lawyers in Barcelona.<br /><br />Quality legal services.</blockquote>

Do you need a specialized lawyer in Barcelona?

If you need quality legal services, ​​we recommend that you contact us so that we can study your case.

We serve our clients in person at our law firm in Barcelona, ​​or from a distance, by telematic means (videoconference, etc.), without the need for them to come to our offices, so that our international clients can receive personalized attention and legal advice from anywhere.

Contact us: (+34) 936 26 49 49, or send us an email to bcn@forcamabogados.com
The best International lawyers in Barcelona.

Quality legal services.