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Lawyers International Debts Collection

Lawyers International Debts Collection

At Forcam Lawyers we have lawyers with experience in international debt collection. We claim the return of international debts in other countries, as long as it is high. Our lawyers in the collection of international debts offer experience and efficiency to recover the international debt, quickly and efficiently.

We have a specific service to enhance the collection of cross-border debts in the EU. But we also recover money from companies that are outside the community territory. Among others, the United States, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

We have successfully handled this type of claim both judicially and extrajudicially. We work daily in the recovery of credits in Spain and in other countries of the world, so that we know the commercial, administrative and judicial practice and offer precise and effective solutions. 

We work with individuals who have large credits, but above all we do it with international and multinational companies. We offer quality legal services around the world. 

If you have a debt that must be claimed in Spain or in other countries of the world, contact Forcam Lawyers so that we can propose the best legal strategy to be able to collect the money abroad.

Experience in claiming high international debts

One of the first questions that must be determined when obtaining the return of the international debt is who are the competent judicial bodies to resolve a possible claim. In general, the Spanish courts will be competent when so determined by a clause in a contract or when the debtor is domiciled in Spain.

If you tell us about your situation, we can determine precisely who the competent body is and, therefore, where your claim should be filed. We are lawyers specialized in the collection of international debts and we will represent you throughout the procedure to recover your money.

One of the advantages of having us is that we will save you all unnecessary travel. Our team of lawyers has a wide international projection in how claim hight debts.

The international debt collection lawyers at Forcam Lawyers, recover international money as long as the amount is greater than 50.000 €.

We manage the collection of international credits by extrajudicial means

Before going to court, it may be convenient to explore the friendly route. Especially in the case of non-payments by companies that have not yet broken the commercial relationship with their clients. 

That is why we usually try an out-of-court solution prior to filing the lawsuit. The expert debt lawyers in Spain we have a long history of success in negotiations that allow our clients to recover the money, so that we could avoid the inconvenience that a judicial process entails when coming from abroad.

We present your lawsuit to recover international debts

Despite the differences between the Legal Systems of each State, the claim processes tend to be similar. In the Spanish case, there are different procedures. 

Determining the applicable or most appropriate procedure requires certain experience and knowledge of the specific matter. In our case, and if it is an international debt, we advise against claiming credits of less than 50.000 €, as it could be uneconomical.

Being faced with a higher amount, and provided that the Spanish courts are competent, we can present your claim in Spain. This threshold will allow us to go to the ordinary trial, which gives us more guarantees and a greater expectation of success. In the event that the money had to be claimed from another country, we would represent you in the international process

We can legalize foreign documents if necessary, and we can even translate them into Spanish. We can also process the executive phase if the debtor, once sentenced to pay, persists in non-payment.

In short, we take care of the entire procedure to recover cross-border debts. Numerous success stories endorse our law firm as one of the best Spanish law firms in the field of international debt collection.

Lawyers International Debts Collection

Do you need a lawyer to recover an international debt?

If you have to collect an international debt of more than 50.000 € in Spain or in other countries, Forcam Lawyers is your best option. We provide you with customized solutions and the best instruments previously studied by our international specialist lawyers.

We will save you all kinds of worries, such as carrying out paperwork and traveling. It is enough that you empower us so that we can represent your interests in Spain and in other countries. We offer a service specially designed for individuals and companies residing in Spain, in the European Union, or in another country.

Contact us at Tel. (+34) 936 26 49 49, or send us an email to info@forcamabogados.com

We can assist you in person at our offices. In addition, we can also assist you remotely, since we offer a telematic legal advice service (videoconference, telephone, mail, etc.), so that our national and international clients can receive advice from our expert lawyers in the collection of international debts, from anywhere. In our law firm we have the following offices:

Forcam Lawyers Barcelona
Forcam Lawyers Madrid
Forcam Lawyers Reus

Frequently asked questions on international debt collection

To guarantee that you can collect the international debt it is important that you seek the advice of lawyers with experience in collecting high international debts. At Forcam Lawyers we collect debts from 50.000 €.

There are several legal procedures to collect international debts in Spain, such as verbal or ordinary, although we recommend going to the second. We advise starting debt collection when the debts have reached at least 50.000 €.

Yes. In addition, it is enough that they empower us so that we can carry out all the procedures without having to visit the country. At Forcam Lawyers we collect foreign debts in Spain.

Because it is essential that the law firm has experience in managing the defaults of international companies. This is the case of Forcam Lawyers, who have a long history managing the defaults of companies around the world from Spain.