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Real Estate Lawyers in Reus

Lawyers specializing in Real Estate

At Forcam Abogados, specialists in Real Estate, we provide comprehensive services that cover the entire cycle of buying and selling and operating real estate.

We help our clients to study the market and detect the best opportunities, we make sure that the property is in order both structurally and legally, and we direct the negotiation and contracting tasks.

Our clients highlight the closeness and personalization of our specialist Real Estate lawyers, since we focus on each one of them to represent their interests in the best possible way. Also, our 360º assistance, because our efforts do not end with the act of sale.

By contracting with us you will have the support of one of the main Real Estate law firms in Spain. We will take care of processing your taxes, importing your business, analyzing the feasibility of the purchase and sale operations and all the legal tasks that you require for peace of mind in your investment.

Don't forget that we also serve foreign clients from Spain. We serve you in English, French and German without you having to travel.

Lawyers specializing in Real Estate

At Forcam Abogados we are specialist lawyers in Real Estate. We have a law firm in Barcelona,​​ Madrid and Reus, but we provide services throughout the Spanish territory. We help the foreign investor with all the procedures related to their sale, administration and operation.

Sale of high standing real estate

The sale of high standing real estate in Spain is a constantly growing sector. There are many factors that attract foreign buyers and investors to our territory: cultural richness, climate benevolence, economic opportunities, ease of settling down and integrating...

Whatever your reasons, at Forcam Abogados we have helped hundreds of national and international buyers to acquire their high-end homes in Spain. Also, to manage the property and even to sell it to investors interested in luxury real estate.

Sale of luxury homes in Spain

It is important to understand that the sale of luxury homes must be preceded by a market and opportunity study. In this type of operation, it is advisable to check that the building is structurally and legally sound.

The assistance of our lawyers specializing in Real Estate in sales operations (negotiation, contracts, transmission...) and in tax management (VAT, IRPF, IRNR, IP, ITPAJD...) is highly recommended, especially for foreign investors.

Depositing these tasks in a law firm specializing in the sale of luxury homes allows you to free up time, avoid risks and find better opportunities. At Forcam Abogados we can take care of all the tasks associated with the sale of luxury homes in Spain, since we are specialists in Real Estate.

We manage your investment in Real Estate in Spain

In the same way that we have helped so many other investors, we can advise you and manage your investment in Real Estate in Spain. We will take care of all the critical and auxiliary tasks; from the moment you tell us what you need from the advice of specialist lawyers in the investment of luxury homes in Spain.

As lawyers specializing in real estate investment, we are trained to study the market and detect the best offers. We provide due diligence services and drafting, review and interpretation of contracts.

Once the investment in Real Estate has been made, we will advise you legally in all your procedures. We can also import your business, opening branches, franchises and any type of permanent establishment. 

If you need it, we will take care of tax management, representing you before the Spanish Tax Administration Agency and ensuring that you comply with tax regulations with the greatest peace of mind.

Real Estate Lawyers in Reus

Do you need a Real Estate Lawyer? Count on Forcam Lawyers

As lawyers specializing in Real Estate, at Forcam Abogados we can provide you with a highly specialized and personalized service. We accompany each of our clients to ensure that their real estate investment is fast and profitable, providing remote services for those occasions when they cannot or do not want to move to our territory.

We strive every day to remain a leading law firm in the Real Estate sector, focusing on luxury housing and managing all the procedures and operations required by our VIP clients.