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The crime of injuries and assaults on people

Criminal Law
The crime of injuries and assaults on people

The crimes of injuries cover a wide range of aggressions, of greater or lesser scope. It is, thus, one of the most frequent crimes, and determining the seriousness of his sentence requires a detailed legal analysis. 

Precisely for this reason, when denouncing one of these crimes or defending against an accusation, it is essential to have the advice of criminal lawyers specialized in crimes against people. 

What are injury crimes?

The crimes of injuries are those that threaten the bodily integrity or the physical or mental health of another person. We speak, therefore, of aggressions of greater or lesser severity, which do not necessarily have to be bodily, and which can be committed both by action and by omission. The seriousness of the same and the concurrent circumstances will determine the scope of the sentence.

What types of assaults constitute a bodily injury crime?

The first circumstance that must be taken into account when assessing an injury is if it has only required a first medical assistance or also requires medical or surgical treatment. These circumstances will denote the seriousness of the injury.

However, the Penal Code also condemns beatings or mistreatment at work that does not cause injuries, although only with a fine of one to two months. This form of crime, like minor injuries, can only be prosecuted through a complaint by the victim or his legal representative.

But this rule also penalizes specific ways of causing injury with special penalties. We have an article on these modalities on our blog, to which we refer so as not to be repetitive. In it we talk about the different ways of committing the crime, including mutilation, reckless commission and the riotous fight.

When are we facing gender violence? 

We are facing a crime of gender violence when the victim of the crime of injury is the woman’s spouse or with an analogous relationship of affectivity, current or past, with or without cohabitation. In these cases, the Legal System activates a special protection regime that is manifested in: 

1.- Greater sanctions for the aggressor.

2.- More prevention and protection measures. 

3.- And a comprehensive protection system for the victim.

When are we facing domestic violence? 

The concept of domestic violence is broader than that of gender violence. If it included the female victim, spouse or with a similar emotional relationship, in the case of domestic violence it also includes:

1.- Descendants, ascendants or siblings of their own or of the spouse. 

2.- Minors or people with disabilities in need of special protection who live together or are subject to parental authority, guardianship, conservatorship or de facto guardianship of the spouse or cohabitant.

3.- Other people integrated into the nucleus of family coexistence. 

How to act before a crime of injuries? 

We have an article on our blog about how to act in the event of an injury crime, whether as a victim or a witness. We refer to him for more information. 

In any case, it is key to understand that some forms of injury cannot be prosecuted if it is not previously reported. And before presenting the complaint, it would be convenient to know what our rights are and the procedure that we will have to face. 

That is why it is advisable to seek the assistance of lawyers specialized in personal injury crimes immediately. This is the case of Forcam Lawyers. Contact us if you need assistance or specialized criminal advice in the event of an injury crime. 

What are the consequences of an injury crime?

The consequences of the crime of injury depend on the seriousness of the concurrent circumstances. They include criminal liability (deprivation of liberty, fines and/or disqualifications) and civil liability (compensation). As the determination of the penalty and compensation is extremely circumstantial, each case should be consulted with a criminal lawyer.

Do I need a lawyer to report an injury crime?

The assistance of a criminal lawyer is highly recommended. In the first place, because before filing the complaint you can advise us and inform us about our rights and the best way to demand the responsibility of the actor. And, secondly, because if we want to be an active part in the criminal process, we will have to have a criminal lawyer who represents your rights and fulfills your interests. The criminal lawyer will be in charge of presenting the complaint or complaint, as the case may be.

What if I have been sued? 

It is essential to have a lawyer. In addition, the most advisable thing would be for the chosen criminal lawyer to be a specialist in crimes against people. This is the case of Forcam Abogados, where we have attorneys experienced in injury crimes.

Contact us, and our lawyers specializing in criminal law will study your specific case. We offer assistance and criminal advice at a national and international level. In addition, we have:

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