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What can I use my parking space for?

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What can I use my parking space for?
Can the garage be used as a storage room? 

On other occasions we find parking spaces used by the owners as storage space for various objects, possibly hindering the passage of other neighbors or causing us some inconvenience. To know if this is accepted or not in a Community, we must consult the Constitutive Title or the Statutes of the community. 

The latest jurisprudence has understood that, unless expressly prohibited, there would be no problem in storing things related to the vehicle such as tools, spare parts, etc. What can never be done, of course, is to disturb others, leaving the objects in a way that makes them difficult to manoeuvre or invades other squares or common areas, and much less to keep inflammable material that could pose a danger.

Is it possible to park the bike and the car in the same parking space? 

Many garage owners have both a car and a motorcycle among their possessions, which invites many of them to use that space to park both, a situation that is not entirely accepted by the rest of the owners. Is it legal to park several vehicles in the same parking space? 

In general terms, yes. The latest case law has been more inclined, if the Statutes do not expressly prohibit it, to allow the use of the private element according to its function, but logically other owners should not be disturbed, nor should common areas be invaded.

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