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What guarantee do the products on sale have?

What guarantee do the products on sale have?
Promotional activities are considered to be sales on sale. In the announcements of these sales, the duration and, where appropriate, the special rules applicable to them must be specified.

Sales on sale are not considered to be sales on sale of damaged products or products purchased to be sold at a lower price than the ordinary price. In other words, products sold on sale must be in perfect condition and be included in the normal sales offer. From the office www.forcamabogados.com we advise that before buying a certain product, it is observed exactly if it is in good condition, otherwise we will be before the rules of the guarantee of the products that we expose next.

What is the guarantee for new goods?

The warranty for new goods is two years and for second-hand goods can be limited to one year. Within this period, the time the item is under repair or the time it takes to replace it with another good does not count. 

What happens in the event of defects after the purchase of the goods?

If defects or any other lack of conformity with the purchase occur during the first 6 months, the defect is assumed to be of origin. After this time, if the store does not collaborate in offering you this guarantee, it is up to you to prove that the defect is of origin.

The guarantee must be demanded from the selling establishment. It can only be claimed from the manufacturer when claiming from the seller is impossible or results in an excessive burden.

What rights does the guarantee include?

Initially, you have the right to choose to have the goods repaired or replaced, but the retailer may choose the option that is least costly to you, provided that the result is satisfactory to you. In the event of repair, this must cover the repair of all manufacturing defects, labour, travel, parts and materials, including in a product on sale.

If, after the repair, the defect becomes apparent again, you may choose to replace the product, unless this option is disproportionate, to reduce the price or to terminate the contract.
This must be done within a reasonable period of time and without major inconvenience to you.

Can damages be claimed?

Damages can indeed be claimed, provided that the cause-effect relationship between the defect in the goods and the damage suffered is proven and the damages are quantified.

It must be taken into account that the different services or repairs that are included in the guarantee of a product in sale or at normal price will not be carried out if the defect is due to a bad use that the consumer has made of the good, in this case the guarantee will not cover it.

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