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What happens to our social networks when we die?

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What happens to our social networks when we die?

What is Digital Inheritance?

The digital heritage is nothing more than that personal patrimony that a person
has in the network, they are not tangible goods, but virtual, and only the holder of the same one has access by means of a secret password of personal character.

As our lawyers specializing in inheritance will assure you, it may seem absurd to include testamentary clauses to institute a person to inherit the digital profile of the deceased, but in the social reality in which we live, there are more and more digital profiles that we have, but the most important thing: our private life is increasingly focused on the digital world due to our continuous activity in the network. That is why it is very important to take into consideration the virtual heritage when making a will.

What steps should I follow when it comes to managing my digital heritage?

  1. Determine in the will what is the digital identity heritage we have.
  2. Determine the person in charge of this heritage.
  3. Establish the purpose that person should give to the digital heritage of the deceased.
  4. Establish a digital executor, where he or she is granted a series of powers such as the closure of social networks or determine that the executor is the one who will provide his or her heirs with access to them.

What ways do I have to grant a digital will?

There is the possibility of using the same notarial will to collect the digital inheritance of the same, so that we leave before a notary all the passwords, keys, users and information considered necessary to carry out the task entrusted. In this case it is clear that we could not change users and passwords, since then the digital will would not be useful, or we have the possibility of updating that document every time it undergoes some modification.