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Which country in Europe has the highest mortgage tax?

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Which country in Europe has the highest mortgage tax?
Spain is the European country with the highest Mortgage Tax on Documented Legal Acts (AJD). We must know that this Tax is the one that takes to all Spain revolutionized on the recent jurisprudential change of the Supreme Court regarding the payment or not of the Tax of AJD in the mortgages. Remember that on November 5, 2018, the Supreme Court will decide whether or not the change in jurisprudence should be confirmed.

The AJD rate varies between 0.5% and 1.5%, depending on where the mortgage is registered. In most Communities the tax exceeds 1%, and the highest percentage, which amounts to 1.5%, is in Catalonia and Andalusia. On the other hand, communities such as the Basque Country and Navarre meet the minimum percentage.

The AJD rate is sometimes applicable to various bonuses, such as disability, large family and age.

Very few countries have a tax as high as Spain, and in all cases who is responsible for paying it is the mortgaged.

France is the country where it is cheaper to take out a mortgage. So the lien is 0.05% on the principal amount of the mortgage loan. In other countries, such as Germany, United Kingdom, Holland and Greece there is no Mortgage Tax.

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