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Work accidents in Spanish Companies

Labor Law
Work accidents in Spanish Companies
The legislation determines that "an accident at work is any bodily injury that the worker suffers on the occasion of or as a consequence of the work he performs as an employee" (art. 115 LGSS). With regard to self-employed workers, and following the approval of Law 20/2007, workers are entitled to benefits for professional contingency, in the case of economically dependent self-employed workers the contribution is obligatory and therefore the benefit and for the rest of the self-employed this contribution is voluntary.

Thus, it is understood that the employee suffers an accident at work, when:

-The worker suffers a bodily injury. Injury means any damage or detriment to the body caused by an injury, blow or illness.

-That he or she performs work on behalf of others.

-That the accident is caused by or as a consequence of work, i.e., that there is a direct causal relationship between work and injury.


Accidents at work can be with or without medical leave:

Accidents at work without sick leave: These are those in which there is an injury but which allow the worker to continue carrying out his work after receiving assistance.

Accident at work with sick leave: Accidents at work or relapses that involve the absence from the workplace, the injured worker, of at least one day. Relapse is understood as "the worker's medical leave as a direct consequence of a previous accident".


-Electrical contacts

-Cuts and punctures

-Blows with shelves or cabinets


-Muscle fatigue

-Mental fatigue

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