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Your legal armor to defend your rights

Your legal armor to defend your rights
Forcam Abogados, a law firm in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Reus, is a multidisciplinary law firm, with lawyers specializing in different areas of law and operating around the entire national territory. It is a close office with the client, which provides quality in its services and has a recognized track record in litigation before all jurisdictions and instances.

Forcam Abogados is a law firm that began its journey in mid-2010 as a project of two partners: Mr. Joan Camarasa and Mr. Ferran Porres. These 10 years of experience have allowed the firm's lawyers to become increasingly specialized in their practice areas. The objective of the firm has always been to provide top quality services with a close and close relationship with the client. For this reason, since the beginning of the firm, the quality of services and empathy with clients have been its fundamental pillars.

The main clients of Forcam Abogados are companies and individuals, who receive legal advice in all kinds of disputes. Their office model is based not only on providing solutions to specific cases, but also on getting to know clients, since they know that in order to offer an effective service, they must be adapted to their needs. This understanding of counseling enables them to build strong long-term relationships.

Currently, Forcam Abogados is formed by a team of 25 professionals in the fields of Civil Law, Family Law, Labor Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law and Debt Claim. As of today, the firm is specialized in 6 practice areas and all areas have specialized lawyers, among which are:

  • Civil Law (claims, compensation, contracts, successions, inheritances, etc.)

  • Family Law (divorces, alimony, capitulations marriage, modification of measures, division of the common thing, etc.)

  • Labor Law (dismissals, EREs, changes in the workplace, labor inspection, etc.)

  • Commercial Law (creation and dissolution of Companies, commercial contracts, bankruptcy procedures, etc.)

  • Criminal Law (economic crimes, crimes against people and patrimonial crimes, etc.)

  • Debt claim (both to individuals and companies, etc.)

What motivates you to carry out this work? What led you to dedicate yourself to this professional field? What is the most complex part of your profession?

At Forcam Abogados we are motivated to help our clients solve legal problems, as well as the doubts that arise during their different stages of life.

We are motivated to be able to legally advise our clients throughout their professional and personal careers. It is extremely important to us that the customer is satisfied.

In the field of Family Law, a very personal relationship is established with the client, a relationship of closeness and close treatment. It is truly a great personal satisfaction for all the lawyers that make up the firm to be able to help clients with their most personal problems.

Do you consider that there is something that should not be missing for your performance?

If there is something that cannot be missing in our profession, it is motivation and the desire to help anyone who needs it.

The greatest joy we can have is knowing that the client is satisfied and that the legal services we have provided have served to facilitate the lives of our clients.

What procedures must be carried out to achieve success in a maintenance claim process?

In a Family Law process, it is essential and vitally important to have a team of expert negotiation lawyers. In addition, the lawyers in charge of carrying out the procedure must give the client peace of mind and offer support at all times, since they are processes where many internal and personal feelings emerge.

Alimony is a pension that has its function in the duty imposed on parents to ensure the subsistence of their children. In the case of a marriage separation or divorce, the maintenance obligation consists of the duty imposed on one of the spouses against the other spouse or against the children.

Generally, alimony must be paid until the age of majority, and the obligation to provide alimony does not end until the children have completed their studies and have no financial resources of their own.

Unpaid amounts may be claimed as alimony, although only those corresponding to the last 3 years may be claimed.

As our family law attorneys comment, the claim for non-payment of alimony is a procedure that begins in a friendly way, and in case of not reaching any agreement with the other party, the judicial procedure begins with the filing of a demand for execution addressed to the Court of First Instance of the defendant's domicile.

It is a fast and effective procedure that allows you to claim the amounts that the obligated parent has not paid as alimony.

How long can you give the client a response to the result of the maintenance claim?

It depends on whether the problem is resolved out of court or if, on the contrary, it is necessary to go to court.

If we solve it out of court, it is usually very fast, however, if we solve them through the courts, the process may take a little time.

Whether through extrajudicial or judicial channels, we recommend that people who are suffering from non-payment of alimony, seek legal advice, since it is their right, and not only for themselves, but for their children.

Express all the protection of the Law with the best professionals

The complexity of current law, with various orders and matters that sometimes overlap with each other, makes it imperative that in the event of a dispute or threat against our rights and interests, it is best to go to true specialists in the specific legal field that we incumbent. For this reason, the Forcam Lawyers office has six work areas and in each of them they have several specialized lawyers, thus ensuring that all their clients are advised, represented and defended by top-quality specialists.