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Family Law

Your legal armor to defend your rights

Forcam Abogados, a law firm in Barcelona, Tarragona, Reus and Tárrega, is a multidisciplinary law firm, with lawyers specializing in different matters of law and operating around the entire national territory. It is a close office with the client, which provides quality in its services and has a recognized track record in litigation before all jurisdictions and instances.

Revocation of joint custody for working hours

In this article, our family law specialist lawyers analyze the recent sentence passed by the Provincial Court of Badajoz, where it is sentenced based on very common facts, such as inflexible working hours and even late hours for workers who are dedicated to the catering sector.

What is the compensatory pension?

We can distinguish various regulations, in this article we will analyze the legislative differences between the compensatory pension regulated in the state Civil Code and the compensatory pension regulated in the Civil Code of Catalonia.

What is the EATAF?

As separations and divorces have increased, it is increasingly common to require the assistance and intervention of professional psychologists in family procedures.

7 things you should know about alimony

What is alimony? Who is obliged to pay alimony? Do you have to pay until you come of age? What amount must be paid as alimony? Can unpaid amounts be claimed as alimony? These and other questions will be resolved in this article.

Is there an indefinite compensatory pension in case of divorce?

Analyzing the compensatory pension recognized in a divorce, our Supreme Court has come to recognize the indefinite nature of the compensatory pension in favor of a wife, taking into account the age of the woman, the duration of the marriage, valuing that she is the person who took care of the family and children, because by age, it will be extremely difficult for her to access the labor market.

What are marriage settlements?

Marriage settlements are a document granted before a notary public by which the spouses, or future spouses, establish the patrimonial and economic rules related to their marriage.

Contentious Divorce: A Solution?

The contentious Divorce is the procedure by which the marriage is terminated in a non-consensual manner, and the main difference with the mutually agreed divorce is that in the contentious divorce.