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Child Custody Lawyers

Child Custody Lawyers

We are lawyers specializing in child custody procedures. And it is that one of the most delicate and controversial issues after the breakup of the couple is the way to regulate the care and custody of the common children, that is why it is advisable to regulate the care and custody of the children under the advice of a specialized lawyer in care and custody. 

At Forcam Lawyers we are experts in guardianship and custody procedures. We have successfully requested and modified parent-child measures for hundreds of national and international clients.

The key to our way of working lies in proximity and efficiency. Our lawyers specializing in guardianship and custody offer effective solutions adapted to each scenario. We prioritize negotiation and friendly agreements, although we defend our clients before the Courts when the custody agreement is impossible.

In short, we provide a comprehensive service, adapted to each client and situation. If you are looking for a law firm specialized in guardianship and custody, contact us so that we can study your case. Together we will draw up a strategy that will lead us quickly and efficiently to the desired result.

Lawyers specializing in Guardianship and Custody

Guardianship and custody lawyers specialize in Family Law to increase the chances that the system chosen by our client will be applied. In some cases, we recommend individual care and custody, in others shared care and custody, or simply, a visitation regime.

We offer quality legal advice through our guardianship and custody lawyers, even before the guardianship and custody request itself, so that our clients understand which is the most favorable regime in their case and what are the chances of success of their request. We also request the pertinent modifications when there is a change in the circumstances that were initially taken into account to regulate the custody of the children. 

In addition, in the case of Forcam Lawyers, we offer legal services in matters of guardianship and custody to national and international clients. In addition, we have guardianship and custody lawyers who are experts in international affairs, so we are used to defending the interests of clients from all over the world. Especially people with high purchasing value.

We get your Guardianship Exclusive Custody or Guardianship and Shared Custody 

The guardianship and custody system must be agreed in the regulatory agreement of the separation or divorce or requested in a contentious lawsuit. Before doing so, it is advisable to study which guardianship and custody system will best meet the needs of the minors and the applicant himself, so our legal advice begins at this early stage.

When we have analyzed the options and possibilities of success, we will initiate the request for the custody procedure, either through out-of-court negotiations or the corresponding custody suit if the counterparty refuses to yield.

We change the applicable Guardianship and Custody Regime

The applicable guardianship and custody regime may be modified when certain circumstances occur. Mainly it is that there has been a substantial and permanent change in the circumstances that were taken into account when determining the applicable custody system.

So that, when this change in circumstances occurs, our lawyers specializing in guardianship and custody will be able to negotiate or legally claim the change in the guardianship and custody regime.

We manage your Guardianship and Custody demands from abroad

At Forcam Lawyers we can manage your custody claim or initiate negotiations from abroad. We avoid all unnecessary travel.

In these cases, we will help you throughout the custody procedure, and we will also translate and legalize the necessary documents. If foreign resolutions have to be recognized, we will process their exequatur.

Our lawyers specializing in guardianship and custody have extensive experience dealing with national and international clients who have many interests at stake, whether personal or financial.

Child Custody Lawyers

Do you need a Guardianship and Custody Lawyers?

Contact us if you are looking for an expert guardianship and custody lawyer. After studying your case we will offer you a fast, close and efficient attention.

At Forcam Lawyers we believe that establishing the guardianship and custody regime for minor children is one of the most important elements after the breakup of the couple. That is why we resolve conflicts between the family, and we take care of regulating custody in a prosperous and peaceful way. 

But we are also prepared to litigate in defense of your interests if out-of-court solutions do not come to fruition. So, we recommend that you contact us if you are looking for quality legal advice to regulate the best possible care and custody of your children according to your needs.

Frequently asked questions on Guardianship and Custody of child

To choose the best guardianship and custody regime, it will be convenient to study each case separately, with the help of lawyers specialized in guardianship and custody, such as the members of our law firm.

A change of regime can be requested in those cases in which the circumstances of the separation or divorce have changed substantially and permanently.

Because the upbringing and education of their sons and daughters is at stake, and our office is one of the best in custody matters.

The processing time depends on the circumstances of each case. Contact us so that we know your situation better and we can guide you.