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Labor Law

Legal keys to unfair dismissal and compensation

Unfair dismissal is that which occurs without fully following the requirements and procedures established in the Workers' Statute. Therefore, it may be an unjustified dismissal, or one in which the causes for the objective dismissal or disciplinary dismissal do not concur.

Legal keys to objective dismissal and compensation

The objective dismissal allows the company to unilaterally end an employment relationship, provided that certain causes concur. Provided that the causes admitted in the Workers' Statute arise, the company may resort to this form of dismissal, paying compensation.


Legal keys to null and void dismissal and compensation

Void dismissal is one that occurs with an infringement of the Legal System of such gravity that its sanction is to be without effect. It is a figure reserved for very particular cases, in which the causes established in the Workers' Statute concur, discrimination or deprivation of fundamental rights or public freedoms.

The termination of the senior management contract

RD 1382/1985 extends most of the rules applicable to other employment contracts to the suspension and termination of the senior management contract. This contract is based on a special trust between the company and the top manager.

Legal tips for hiring managers

Hiring managers requires some legal caution on the part of the company. In the regulation of these labor relations, the conventional question plays a more relevant role than in the hiring of other positions. 

Can I be fired for not attending work in person?

The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has reinforced the trend towards the normalization of teleworking, and its practice has even become preferred in work organizations. There are many questions that workers and companies ask about themselves You can be fired for not attending work in person, in the case of teleworking.

Can a worker be fired while the company is in ERTE?

The temporary employment regulation file or its acronym ERTE, is a measure that allows companies to suspend employment contracts, as a kind of flexibility that gives companies the facility to survive in situations of supervening circumstances (Covid 19) that endanger the continuity of the economic activities of the company.

Compensation for transfer of work center

In this article, our lawyers specialized in labor law, will analyze the recent jurisprudence of the judgment of the Social Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León, where the transfer and change of workplace to a worker who provided their job duties in an office as an administrator.

Do companies have a working life report?

Today, companies have a Work Life Report. This report compiles the most important data and information on the contributions to the companies' Social Security system in the last year. This type of report is relatively new in time, since it was not long ago that the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS) began to prepare these types of documents.

7 characteristics on collective dismissals

Unfortunately, economic cycles cause ups and downs at certain times due to an excess of personnel, the cost of which is impossible to maintain, so that many companies can continue to be profitable and competitive with respect to the competition.

In which cases can companies do a temporary ERE?

The Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) is one of the best solutions that can be given to companies in the event of an eventual economic crisis, as is the case in Spain due to the rapid expansion of the Covid 19 coronavirus. we explain everything.

Can the company check my email?

In recent times, the company has exercised greater control over the workers. Are there limits to this control? Can the company control your email? What does the most recent case law say about the company's control of your email? All of these questions and more will be addressed in this article.

Am I a victim of harassment at work?

Mobbing is part of the reality of the work environment and is a situation that can have serious consequences for the health of workers who suffer from it. What to do in these situations?