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Lawyers in Debt Collection in Companies

Lawyers in Debt Collection in Companies

There are different strategies to collect debts from companies in Spain. Knowing the specific case, the value of the debt and the relationship with the debtor are the keys to collecting a debt.

At Forcam Lawyers we are specialists in collecting debts in Spain. So that we can advise our clients when it comes to recovering their defaults, offering each of them a response adapted to their needs.

If you want to collect a debt, and the amount is greater than 12.000 €, Forcam Lawyers is one of your best options. We offer you our best debt collection lawyers, so you can recover the debt as soon as possible. We work with clients from all over Spain who want to collect high debts.

We deal with collecting debts from Spanish and international companies, both extrajudicially and judicially. Tell us about your case so that we can study the most favorable options and help you recover your debt. Contact us

Lawyers specialized in recovering company debts in Spain

At Forcam Lawyers we have specialized in the collection of company debts in Spain. We serve both national and international clients, having successfully recovered very high amounts.

Our lawyers, specializing in debt collection, and recovery of unpaid debts, are among the best in Spain. So that we can provide a fast and effective service in terms of collections to companies.

We carry out friendly debt collection 

Out-of-court claims are often more beneficial than court claims and have a good expectation of success. It is common for the company questioned to comply with its obligation when it receives a friendly request from a law firm.

Negotiation may also be necessary. Adapting payment terms can make it unnecessary to go to court, which usually results in a better relationship and faster debt recovery.

Of course, the key to any friendly claim to be able to collect the debts is that it is properly documented. It is important to endow the agreement with executive force. What can be done, for example, through a recognition of debt.

By reviewing your case we will be able to tell you if this is a suitable option for you. In this case we will start the friendly claim immediately. This is one of the most common ways to recover money when the debt affects Spanish companies.

We collect debts over 12.000 €

Our main recommendation is that the debt be greater than 12.000 €. It is true that lower debts can be collected, but in most cases, it is not profitable.

In our case, we consider that the ordinary process is the ideal one to recover a non-payment with guarantees of success. For this reason, our expert debt collection lawyers recommend that the debt be greater than 12.000 €.

We process judicially the collection of debts to companies in Spain

Claim procedures can be separated into two phases or stages. On the one hand, there is the declarative stage, which is not always necessary. In this class of processes, the judgment will attest to the existence, amount and enforceability of the debt, ordering the debtor to proceed with its payment.

In the event that the debtor persists in its non-compliance, it may be necessary to process the executive phase. This is the one that allows you to attack your heritage.

At Forcam Lawyers we provide a comprehensive debt recovery service. Which implies that, when hiring us, we will take care of the entire process for your greater peace of mind. Our goal is to collect the debt in full as soon as possible.

Lawyers in Debt Collection in Companies

Do you need a lawyer to collect a non-payment from a company?

Forcam Lawyers is a national reference in the matter of debt collection from companies. If the process must be resolved in Spain and the debt is greater than 12.000 €, we recommend that you contact us.

We will analyze your situation and offer you the best plan to collect your company's debt. We will explore both judicial and extrajudicial possibilities and choose the best tools to recover your money.

We can assist you in person at our offices in Barcelona, ​​​​Tarragona, Reus and Tarrega. In addition, we can also serve you remotely, since we offer a telematic legal advice service (videoconference, telephone, mail, etc.), so that our clients can receive advice from our expert lawyers in debt collection from companies, from anywhere. We work with National and International clients.

We are lawyers specialized in collecting debts from companies in Spain. If you need to recover your money, contact us now and join our satisfied customers.

Frequently asked questions in the collection of debts to companies

The most common is to use the ordinary judicial process, although there are other ways to collect debts, such as order payment or exchange processes.

We recommend the collection of judicial debts for amounts greater than 12.000 €, to guarantee collection expectations.

Yes, and our experience shows that on many occasions it is advisable to try the amicable route to collect the debt as soon as possible.

Because it is important to seek advice from lawyers with experience in debt collection. This is the case of Forcam Lawyers, which endorses us with a long history of success in collecting debts in Spain.