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Lawyers in Labor Conciliation and Negotiation

Lawyers in Labor Conciliation and Negotiation

Negotiations and labor conciliations are part of Labor Law. Whether individual or collective, voluntary or necessary by legal obligation, they regulate a large part of the areas of Labor Law.

Precisely for this reason it is important to have the assistance of experienced labor lawyers when negotiating. Both the company and its staff and the legal representation of the workers must know the legal framework in which the conversation takes place.

Labor lawyers specialized in labor negotiations not only have solid experience in Labor Law. We also understand the needs and interests of the parties and are capable of proposing peaceful and respectful solutions.

Unlocking a negotiation requires skill, and even more so reaching agreements that are beneficial to all involved. This is our task as labor lawyers who are experts in labor negotiations, a mission in which we have helped hundreds of Spanish and foreign companies.

By having lawyers specialized in Labor Law and lawyers specialized in Company Law, at Forcam Abogados we have the best professionals to guarantee the success of a labor negotiation.

Lawyers specializing in labor negotiations and conciliations

The autonomy of the will plays a crucial role in labor relations. These are governed by applicable law and regulations. But also, by the agreement expressed in the employment contract and in the Collective Agreements.

Even when it comes to resolving conflicts, the labor law assigns an important role to labor negotiation. And it is that trying to reach an agreement may be a mandatory requirement for the exercise of legal actions before the courts.

We manage individual negotiations

We are specialists helping workers to establish their working conditions or resolve conflicts out of court. We have helped many managers and key employees to establish working conditions appropriate to their responsibilities.

We have also helped companies and working people regulate critical conditions, such as workers' compensation, compliance with labor laws, and confidentiality. Conditions that usually require a consideration, such as compensation in exchange for performance.

We manage labor conciliations

Labor conciliations are a requirement to present many of the lawsuits in the labor jurisdiction. They offer the parties in conflict the possibility of reaching an agreement before the judge intervenes. With this, it is intended that the solutions be friendly, more peaceful, realistic and appropriate to the specific situation where the conflict has arisen.

However, reaching an agreement is not always easy. The interests of the parties are opposed, and sometimes they have to negotiate benefits such as high compensation or adaptation of the job.

At Forcam Abogados we are lawyers specialized in labor conciliations, so we can guide the labor negotiation with expectations of success. We always inform our clients in a realistic and transparent way of their possibilities within the negotiation. And we protect your interests with all our tools.

We manage collective bargaining

Collective bargaining is the backbone of Labor Law. It assumes the participation of workers in the regulation of labor relations. It is used for the approval of Collective Agreements, but also in the supervision of collective processes (ERE, ERTE, geographical mobility...) and when setting important protocols (such as the digital disconnection or the equality plan) and control mechanisms (such as working hours or salaries).

The assistance of labor lawyers experienced in collective bargaining can be decisive for its success. For this reason, from Forcam A lawyers, we are prepared to assist companies and their staff to reach an agreement.

Lawyers in Labor Conciliation and Negotiation

Do you need a lawyer in labor negotiations and conciliations?

Count on Forcam Lawyers. We are specialists in Labor Law and Company Law, which provides us with a comprehensive perspective of the rights and interests at stake in a labor negotiation.

We have helped hundreds of companies, both national and international, so that we know in detail the multiple economic sectors that exist. We can assist you at our offices in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Tárrega or Reus, or telematically. We offer legal advice throughout the national and international territory, and also in English, French and German.

Frequently asked questions about labor conciliations

As labor lawyers with extensive experience, at Forcam Abogados we know the red lines that cannot be crossed. In addition, our experience means that we have faced very different and complex situations, so we have solutions for all conflicts.

There are a number of situations in which labor negotiation is required by law. For example, in setting the equality plan, before taking collective action or in some dismissals. Contact our labor lawyers, without obligation.

Labor negotiation allows exploring more peaceful and beneficial solutions for all those involved. It is usually faster and more efficient than going to court and is more respectful of the employment relationship.

Quite the contrary. Sometimes it is even necessary to try to reach an agreement before filing the labor lawsuit. Agreement in which you can count on the support of Forcam Abogados.