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Legal news

Legal news

All about the crime of drug trafficking

The crime of drug trafficking is one of the most serious in our legal system. For this reason, it is highly recommended to immediately contact a criminal lawyer who is an expert in drug trafficking crimes.

All about the crime of sexual abuse

The crime of sexual abuse is one of the crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity. If you have been the victim of a crime of sexual abuse, contact our law firm, and you will receive specialized criminal advice.

All about the crime of injuries

The crimes of injuries cover a wide range of aggressions, of greater or lesser scope. If you require a lawyer specializing in injury crimes, contact our law firm, and you will receive specialized criminal advice.

Forms of the crime of injuries in Spain

The crime of injury can be committed in various ways. Each of them implies a different criminal effort and a greater or lesser danger or harmfulness. At Forcam Abogados we have extensive experience in crimes against people, which allows us to offer this kind of specialized criminal assistance.


Mortis Cause Transmission of Family Business

Planning the transfer mortis causa of the family business is key to the continuity of this type of business. Although it is generally better to carry out the generational change in life, an unforeseen incident can truncate the natural rhythm of events. And it is essential to be prepared for it.

Legal keys to unfair dismissal and compensation

Unfair dismissal is that which occurs without fully following the requirements and procedures established in the Workers' Statute. Therefore, it may be an unjustified dismissal, or one in which the causes for the objective dismissal or disciplinary dismissal do not concur.

The challenge of corporate resolutions

By challenging corporate agreements, administrators, partners or third parties may rescind the agreements of a company. This institution exists to allow the cancellation of illegal acts or contrary to the Bylaws or to the interests of the company.

Effectiveness of shareholder agreements

Shareholders' agreements or agreements are instruments that regulate corporate matters or complement such matters, outside of official channels. These are useful tools to collect all those agreements that do not find a fit in the Company's Bylaws, given the applicable legislation.