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Legal news

Legal news

Legal keys to objective dismissal and compensation

The objective dismissal allows the company to unilaterally end an employment relationship, provided that certain causes concur. Provided that the causes admitted in the Workers' Statute arise, the company may resort to this form of dismissal, paying compensation.


Legal keys to null and void dismissal and compensation

Void dismissal is one that occurs with an infringement of the Legal System of such gravity that its sanction is to be without effect. It is a figure reserved for very particular cases, in which the causes established in the Workers' Statute concur, discrimination or deprivation of fundamental rights or public freedoms.

Legal advice for business transfer

Business transfer is a good option for entrepreneurship. It allows you to start an economic adventure without starting from scratch, already counting on a proven operation, a portfolio of clients and assets in operation. But acquiring the transfer of the business also has counterparts.

Legal keys to renting a commercial space

Due to the importance of the commercial activity carried out in these establishments and the greater flexibility in the leasing regime, it is crucial to draw up a rental contract that adequately protects our needs. And for this, it is best to seek the advice of a lawyer specialized in Real Estate and Corporate Law.

The termination of the senior management contract

RD 1382/1985 extends most of the rules applicable to other employment contracts to the suspension and termination of the senior management contract. This contract is based on a special trust between the company and the top manager.

Legal tips for hiring managers

Hiring managers requires some legal caution on the part of the company. In the regulation of these labor relations, the conventional question plays a more relevant role than in the hiring of other positions. 

How to set up a company in Spain?

Knowing when and how to establish a company in Spain is essential to guarantee the success and growth of the business. However, there are many doubts surrounding this procedure.