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Legal news

Legal news

What to do if you have been the victim of a robbery?

It is possible that at some point you will be the victim of a robbery or you may witness one, in these cases there are a series of guidelines that you must follow, in order to safeguard your integrity, and prevent criminals from continuing to attack other people in the streets. If you have been the victim of a robbery, you must go to the police station, and you must hire the services of a lawyer specializing in criminal law.

What will happen to the evictions as of May 9, 2021? (end of Alarm Status)

On May 9, 2021, the State of Alarm ends. Due to the health emergency situation due to COVID-19, evictions were suspended to try to alleviate the economic consequences, that is why Royal Decree-Law 37/2020, of December 22, of urgent measures to face the situations of social and economic vulnerability in the field of housing and transportation. The Decree suspended evictions for lack of payment and occupation of people who had situations of social vulnerability.

Main taxes that must be paid for the sale of a property

The sale of real estate presupposes a transferring act of the property, and aspects related to the formal or tax duties of those involved in the sale of a property must be taken care of. In this article we will know the taxes that must be paid for the sale of a home.

The inheritance tax in Catalonia (updated to 2021)

The taxes to receive an inheritance vary from one community to another, there are some communities where it is more economical to receive an inheritance compared to others. In this case, we are going to analyze a little more about the tax regulations that apply to inheritance in Catalonia.

Breach of contract in the sale of homes

The Civil Code establishes a clear definition of what a contract is, and defines it as the action in which one or more persons (parties) agree to be bound, with respect to another or others, to give something or provide a service.

What are the legal procedures necessary to accept an inheritance?

The acceptance of the inheritance is a legal act and attached to the law by means of which the heir or the person called to inherit, either by means of a will or intestate attached to the legitimate one, expresses his positive decision to have the quality of heir, thus adhering to obtaining his rights, but also to fulfilling his duties. Legal procedures to accept an inheritance.

Can I be fired for not attending work in person?

The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has reinforced the trend towards the normalization of teleworking, and its practice has even become preferred in work organizations. There are many questions that workers and companies ask about themselves You can be fired for not attending work in person, in the case of teleworking.

Can I claim a debt from an insolvent company?

There are different types of debt claims to initiate against insolvent companies, remember that insolvency is nothing more than the manifest inability of the company to satisfy the debts contracted with third parties.

How to claim a debt contracted in Spain against a European Union company?

The opening of international trade brings with it a series of measures for companies to claim a debt within the European Union, which allows the protection of all the factors that influence and invest in carrying out commercial activities and international trading. The European Community has established a series of reciprocal regulations for the entire European Union, such is the case, for example, of the contracting of debts between Spanish and Community companies.

Can a worker be fired while the company is in ERTE?

The temporary employment regulation file or its acronym ERTE, is a measure that allows companies to suspend employment contracts, as a kind of flexibility that gives companies the facility to survive in situations of supervening circumstances (Covid 19) that endanger the continuity of the economic activities of the company.

Everything you need to know about mutually agreed divorce

There are great advantages that the divorce by mutual agreement has in relation to the contentious divorce, since it allows to reduce the costs of the process and conclude the divorce procedure more quickly and efficiently. The procedure of divorce by mutual agreement consists of the presentation of the claim and a divorce agreement by mutual agreement before the Family Courts.

The importance of bylaws when creating a business

The importance of the bylaws when establishing a company dates back to the very existence of commercial companies, in which the previous step for their foundation and operation was the need and requirement that there be a law or similar legislative provision to give birth to society, thus allowing its action, also establishing its object, powers and legal regime.

How to claim the debt that I have against another company

In principle, capital companies, especially limited and joint-stock companies, tend to be liable for the debts generated for the development of their commercial activity, with the social capital. However, when a company is insolvent, it can claim the debt directly from the administrators. How to claim the debt that I have against another company? 

Everything you need to know about the bankruptcy

From the most general perspective, the bankruptcy is a tool that allows satisfying the debts contracted as a social protection mechanism and a second chance to solve insolvency. In addition, bankruptcy is a mechanism that facilitates the conditions for negotiation between creditors and the debtor submitted to bankruptcy, allowing each creditor to collect their debts on equal terms.

Everything you need to know about contentious divorce

If you are considering getting a divorce, and you do not know how to do it, we invite you to discover one of the most used types of divorce in the daily practice of the Courts: The contentious divorce. What is a contentious divorce? How do you start the contentious divorce proceedings? What pensions can be claimed by contentious divorce? What measures will be agreed after the contentious divorce?