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Legal news

Legal news

How long can my ex-partner live in the apartment?

In this article we will analyze one of the most problematic assumptions in the process of separation and divorce of a couple, this assumption is the attribution of the use of the family home.

It is necessary to differentiate that what is discussed when the use of the family home is requested is not full ownership, but rather the use and enjoyment of the home.

Application of the “rebus sic stantibus” clause.

Since the beginning of the current health pandemic caused by Covid-19, a multitude of doubts have been raised by businessmen and freelancers, about the contractual effects of the impossibility of fulfilling their commitments and, more specifically, with the leasing contracts of ships and commercial premises.

Your legal armor to defend your rights

Forcam Abogados, a law firm in Barcelona, Tarragona, Reus and Tárrega, is a multidisciplinary law firm, with lawyers specializing in different matters of law and operating around the entire national territory. It is a close office with the client, which provides quality in its services and has a recognized track record in litigation before all jurisdictions and instances.

Revocation of joint custody for working hours

In this article, our family law specialist lawyers analyze the recent sentence passed by the Provincial Court of Badajoz, where it is sentenced based on very common facts, such as inflexible working hours and even late hours for workers who are dedicated to the catering sector.

Compensation for transfer of work center

In this article, our lawyers specialized in labor law, will analyze the recent jurisprudence of the judgment of the Social Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León, where the transfer and change of workplace to a worker who provided their job duties in an office as an administrator.

Do companies have a working life report?

Today, companies have a Work Life Report. This report compiles the most important data and information on the contributions to the companies' Social Security system in the last year. This type of report is relatively new in time, since it was not long ago that the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS) began to prepare these types of documents.

7 characteristics on collective dismissals

Unfortunately, economic cycles cause ups and downs at certain times due to an excess of personnel, the cost of which is impossible to maintain, so that many companies can continue to be profitable and competitive with respect to the competition.

Everything you need to know about the new law of Euthanasia

The Organic Law that regulates euthanasia aims to legislate about the "good death" as it appears from the explanatory memorandum of the proposal. We could simplify its definition by defining it as "an act to end a person's life, by the express will of the person and in order to avoid unnecessary suffering."

I've been robbed. What I do?

What is the crime of theft? What can I do if I have been robbed? What kinds of theft are there? What are the penalties for the crime of theft? All of these and other questions will be resolved.

What is the compensatory pension?

We can distinguish various regulations, in this article we will analyze the legislative differences between the compensatory pension regulated in the state Civil Code and the compensatory pension regulated in the Civil Code of Catalonia.

What is the EATAF?

As separations and divorces have increased, it is increasingly common to require the assistance and intervention of professional psychologists in family procedures.

7 things you should know about alimony

What is alimony? Who is obliged to pay alimony? Do you have to pay until you come of age? What amount must be paid as alimony? Can unpaid amounts be claimed as alimony? These and other questions will be resolved in this article.

Everything you need to know about the One-Person Society

What is the Unipersonal Society? What legal regime does the Unipersonal Society have? Does the sole proprietorship have to be registered in the Mercantile Registry? Is it advisable to make a Sole Shareholder Society? All these and other questions will be resolved in this post.