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Legal news

Legal news

Third occupants of auctioned homes

The current LEC does not guarantee bidders in judicial auctions reliable information regarding the possession situation of the auctioned properties, causing it to be possible to acquire a property with third-party occupants through ignorance.

In which cases can companies do a temporary ERE?

The Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) is one of the best solutions that can be given to companies in the event of an eventual economic crisis, as is the case in Spain due to the rapid expansion of the Covid 19 coronavirus. we explain everything.

The General Meeting in the Companies

What is the General Meeting? What are the types of General Meeting? What agreements can be adopted at the General Meeting? Do company administrators have to attend the General Meeting? Does non-attendance have legal consequences? These and other questions will be resolved in this new post.

I have been fired what do I do?

When a worker is informed of the dismissal, he does not know how to deal with the dismissal, he does not know whether he should challenge it or he must obey the employer's orders. Well, the first step is to seek the advice of a labor lawyer and act quickly, it is important to do it for the good resolution of the matter. 

Everything you may know about domestic violence

Gender violence is understood as any violent act or aggression, based on a situation of inequality within the framework of a system of relations of domination of men over women that has or may result in physical, sexual or psychological harm.

How to do testament in Spain?

The will constitutes the will of a person on how to distribute their property when they die. The notarized open will is the most common, made before a notary and collected in a public deed.

Legal aspects on electric skateboards

According to the Judgment issued by the Provincial Court of Cáceres, "electric scooters that exceed 25 kilometers / hour speed or 1000 watts of power are mopeds and for their use you need a driving license."

Is there an indefinite compensatory pension in case of divorce?

Analyzing the compensatory pension recognized in a divorce, our Supreme Court has come to recognize the indefinite nature of the compensatory pension in favor of a wife, taking into account the age of the woman, the duration of the marriage, valuing that she is the person who took care of the family and children, because by age, it will be extremely difficult for her to access the labor market.

The process of company liquidation

During the process of liquidation of a company, numerous procedures and actions must be carried out, among which the liquidator of the company must form an inventory and balance sheet of the company, with reference to the day on which it was dissolved, within a period of three months from the opening of the liquidation.

How to make a will without going to the Notary?

Is it possible to make a will without going to the notary? Will this will be valid? Which people can make it? We associate the making of a will with a Notary, but the reality is that all people can make a will without going to the Notary, as long as they do it in the way that we will explain in this article.

Can the company check my email?

In recent times, the company has exercised greater control over the workers. Are there limits to this control? Can the company control your email? What does the most recent case law say about the company's control of your email? All of these questions and more will be addressed in this article.

Will the will about our digital past be necessary?

Inheritance law must also be adapted to the social reality in which we live and to new technologies. Currently, there is a need to grant a digital will to ensure who will be in charge of our digital profiles at the time of our death in order to avoid future controversies.

Can I request a family member's disability?

Civil incapacity is a legal situation in which a person cannot govern his person or property in accordance with his physical, mental or sensory situation. The incapacity of a family member is one of the cases in which the alleged incapacitated person's own family initiates legal proceedings to have the incapacity officially declared.