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Patrimonial Crimes

Patrimonial Crimes

Patrimonial crimes are those that have an economic content, mainly affecting the assets of natural or legal persons. We speak, for example, of theft, fraud or misappropriation.

At Forcam Abogados, through our criminal lawyers, we can help you report these crimes or file a complaint with high expectations of success. We will carefully analyze your situation before drawing up an action plan and we will realistically and transparently inform you of the chances that it will come to fruition.

In addition to the criminal liability of the offender, we will claim his civil liability, so that his assets remain unharmed once the process has been processed. We can represent you in all kinds of criminal trials, and we have criminal lawyers specialized strictly in property crimes.

Our experience in Criminal Law makes us ideal to deal with this kind of matters. We offer you comprehensive advice and represent your rights and interests before the competent jurisdictional body so that the offender does not go unpunished and his property damage is compensated.

We can assist you in person at our offices in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Tárrega or Reus. Also telematically, since we work as criminal lawyers for property crimes throughout Spain.

Lawyers Specialized in Theft and Fraud Crime

Property crimes are among the most frequent. Both individuals and legal entities can suffer and commit them. In addition, the use of new technologies has introduced new forms of commission. Particularly the crimes of fraud.

The elements common to all these crimes are that they affect the assets of the victim. But at Forcam Abogados we have spent many years protecting the economic interests of our clients in criminal courts throughout Spain.

This implies that we can advise and defend you, whether you are the victim or a person unjustly accused. In addition, we can claim the restoration of what was detracted.

Theft crimes

The crimes of theft involve the theft of another's property without the consent of its holder. To guarantee its commission or impunity, force is used on things or violence or intimidation on people, which adds a disregard to criminal conduct.

There are different variants of the crime of robbery, the prosecution of which can lead to imprisonment. It is important, therefore, to have the advice of criminal lawyers specialized in crimes against property. Both when filing a complaint or complaint and defending against them.

Fraud crimes

Unlike robbery, who commits a crime of fraud does not use force, violence or intimidation, but sufficient deception. This does not diminish the seriousness of the conduct, especially when the scams have a large number of victims or are prolonged over time.

Note that fraud crimes can be committed through computerized means, credit and debit cards and other technological instruments. Matter contemplated in the Penal Code. Therefore, whatever the means in which the deception takes place, the Legal System allows us to prosecute the offender and restore the victim's assets.

Crimes of misappropriation

The crimes of misappropriation also consist of an illicit asset theft. However, they are not committed through violence, intimidation, force or deception. In them, the detractor already had in his possession a certain piece of furniture (money, securities and other effects) and refuses to return them.

It is, therefore, a crime frequently committed within commercial and labor relations. What allows to demand the criminal and civil responsibility that proceeds in each case.
Patrimonial Crimes

Do you need an Expert Lawyer in Theft and Fraud Crimes?

When reporting a property crime, it is advisable to have the support of a criminal lawyer specialized in this type of crime. At Forcam Abogados we can help you not only to demand the responsibility of the offender, but also to demand the restitution of your assets.

If you have been unfairly accused, we will be able to defend you in all kinds of criminal proceedings, since the criminal lawyers of our office are experts in property crimes. Contact us so that we can learn about your case and draw up a fast and effective strategy.

Frequently asked questions about Theft and Fraud Crimes

You can act civilly or criminally but remember that nothing prevents accumulating both types of responsibilities.

Because we have the best criminal lawyers specialized in property crimes who can defend your interests in any type of criminal trial.

Yes, in any case. In fact, specialization is so relevant in the case of Criminal Law that we recommend hiring an office specifically specialized in crimes against property, such as Forcam Abogados.

These are crimes that threaten the assets of another natural or legal person.