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Real Estate

Legal keys to renting a commercial space

Due to the importance of the commercial activity carried out in these establishments and the greater flexibility in the leasing regime, it is crucial to draw up a rental contract that adequately protects our needs. And for this, it is best to seek the advice of a lawyer specialized in Real Estate and Corporate Law.

Main taxes that must be paid for the sale of a property

The sale of real estate presupposes a transferring act of the property, and aspects related to the formal or tax duties of those involved in the sale of a property must be taken care of. In this article we will know the taxes that must be paid for the sale of a home.

The inheritance tax in Catalonia (updated to 2021)

The taxes to receive an inheritance vary from one community to another, there are some communities where it is more economical to receive an inheritance compared to others. In this case, we are going to analyze a little more about the tax regulations that apply to inheritance in Catalonia.

Breach of contract in the sale of homes

The Civil Code establishes a clear definition of what a contract is, and defines it as the action in which one or more persons (parties) agree to be bound, with respect to another or others, to give something or provide a service.

What are the legal procedures necessary to accept an inheritance?

The acceptance of the inheritance is a legal act and attached to the law by means of which the heir or the person called to inherit, either by means of a will or intestate attached to the legitimate one, expresses his positive decision to have the quality of heir, thus adhering to obtaining his rights, but also to fulfilling his duties. Legal procedures to accept an inheritance.

Application of the “rebus sic stantibus” clause.

Since the beginning of the current health pandemic caused by Covid-19, a multitude of doubts have been raised by businessmen and freelancers, about the contractual effects of the impossibility of fulfilling their commitments and, more specifically, with the leasing contracts of ships and commercial premises.

Third occupants of auctioned homes

The current LEC does not guarantee bidders in judicial auctions reliable information regarding the possession situation of the auctioned properties, causing it to be possible to acquire a property with third-party occupants through ignorance.

How to do testament in Spain?

The will constitutes the will of a person on how to distribute their property when they die. The notarized open will is the most common, made before a notary and collected in a public deed.

Legal aspects on electric skateboards

According to the Judgment issued by the Provincial Court of Cáceres, "electric scooters that exceed 25 kilometers / hour speed or 1000 watts of power are mopeds and for their use you need a driving license."

How to make a will without going to the Notary?

Is it possible to make a will without going to the notary? Will this will be valid? Which people can make it? We associate the making of a will with a Notary, but the reality is that all people can make a will without going to the Notary, as long as they do it in the way that we will explain in this article.

Will the will about our digital past be necessary?

Inheritance law must also be adapted to the social reality in which we live and to new technologies. Currently, there is a need to grant a digital will to ensure who will be in charge of our digital profiles at the time of our death in order to avoid future controversies.

Can I request a family member's disability?

Civil incapacity is a legal situation in which a person cannot govern his person or property in accordance with his physical, mental or sensory situation. The incapacity of a family member is one of the cases in which the alleged incapacitated person's own family initiates legal proceedings to have the incapacity officially declared.