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Workplace Harassment Lawyers

Workplace Harassment Lawyers

Workplace harassment, better known as "mobbing", is one of the main scourges in the world of work today. It includes harassment behaviors whose objective may be to force the resignation of the affected person or simply to disturb them.

More than 15% of working people are victims of mobbing in Spain, a figure that is 6 points higher than the European average. Among them, the majority are women between 35 and 55 years old.

Knowing the data, it is essential that companies take preventive measures and that victims report the situation. And in this sense, the assistance of a labor law firm specialized in mobbing can be essential.

This is the case of Forcam Abogados. Our long history as expert labor lawyers allows us to help companies mitigate the risks of workplace harassment in their organization, as well as defend the rights of people who suffer from it.

We offer service and legal advice throughout the national and international territory, both to national and foreign clients. We have offices in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Reus and Tárrega, but we can attend both in person and remotely, even in English, French and German.

Lawyers specializing in “mobbing” and workplace harassment

Many behaviors usually tolerated in the work environment constitute "mobbing". Similarly, there are unpleasant situations that cannot be categorized as workplace harassment.

Precisely for this reason, successfully reporting a situation of harassment at work requires the assistance and advice of labor lawyers specialized in workplace harassment. And this is where the help of an office like Forcam Abogados can make a difference.

We are labor lawyers with extensive experience in defending this type of case, so we can offer comprehensive advice and preserve the rights of the people who suffer from it.

We combat all types of workplace harassment

One of the elements that makes detecting and combating workplace harassment complex is that it encompasses different types of harassment. Traditionally, a distinction has been made between vertical and horizontal harassment.

Vertical harassment is the one that is produced by a superior to his subordinates (descendant or bossing) or by these to his superior or middle managers (ascendant). It is, perhaps, the most common and evident type of mobbing, since it derives from power relations in the employment relationship.

On the other hand, horizontal harassment is the one suffered between colleagues and co-workers. It tends to be more subtle and to cause a greater feeling of helplessness. But the victim must know that she still has legal support to respond to this situation.

More specific are other harassing behaviors at work, such as sexual harassment or physical violence. In this case, the behaviors could have criminal relevance, so it is advisable to report them with the help of multidisciplinary offices such as ours. We have specialized criminal lawyers to offer comprehensive defense against harassing conduct.

We claim your rights in case of mobbing

Depending on the situation of harassment generated in the workplace, the catalog of rights of the victim will be more or less extensive. These usually include the possibility of demanding compensation and adaptations of working conditions. The termination of the contract is also allowed, if it is necessary to leave the company.
Workplace Harassment Lawyers

Do you need a mobbing and workplace harassment lawyer?

From our offices in Barcelona, ​​Tárrega, Tarragona and Reus we can offer legal advice to working people throughout Spain and abroad. We serve in person and remotely, and also in English, French and German.

We offer highly specialized advice, which will include advice on labor and criminal matters. Our labor lawyers are experts in combating workplace harassment and mobbing and can also draw up prevention plans for the company.

Fighting workplace harassment is a priority for our Legal System and for our office. For this reason, at Forcam Abogados, we offer you a close, highly specialized and personalized service that will quickly and effectively put an end to the situation of harassment.

Frequently asked questions about workplace bullying

Yes, and you don't have to do it by waiving compensation. At Forcam Abogados we will terminate your contract while maintaining all your labor rights.

Yes. Although the amount depends on the case, at Forcam Abogados we will always fight for you to obtain fair compensation.

Immediately contact our labor lawyers and report the situation of workplace harassment, to prevent the harasser from continuing to harass you and other people.

Dedication, experience, understanding and profiles specifically adapted to each situation. A fast, effective and respectful solution with your labor rights.