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Legal Advice to Companies

Legal Advice to Companies

Legal advice to Companies is a broad field that includes all legal consulting tasks aimed at optimizing the Company and ensuring regulatory compliance. Precisely because of the extension of this legal area, every company should delegate this task to a law firm specialized in legal advice to Societies. 

At Forcam Lawyers we have expert lawyers in companies, experienced professionals in different areas of legal advice to Companies. We make up a team of professionals made up of experts in Corporate, Commercial, Tax and Accounting Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law, etc. In short, we are prepared to give Companies all the legal coverage they may need.

Thanks to this, our company lawyers offer quality legal advice to National and International Corporation.

If you need quality legal advice for your company, do not hesitate to contact us. We manage the incorporation of companies, tax planning, commercial and labor contracts, compliance and governance of the Corporation, etc. By hiring our firm, you are providing your Societie with legal assistance in all possible areas and operations.

Expert lawyers in Companies

We are specialized in comprehensive legal advice to Companies, from the choice of their legal form and constitution of the Corporation, to its daily management, sometimes going through the sale, dissolution or, in the worst scenario, bankruptcy of creditors.

The legal fields that come into play are so diverse that we have formed a team that brings together different areas of specialization to be able to have an appropriate response to your situation at all times.

We manage the constitution and dissolution of companies

Legal advice to business begins even before the Corporates are incorporated. And it is that the choice of the legal form, both at a time of creation of a company in Spain, and of transformation, is one of the key moments in the life of the Corporation. That is why it is convenient to process it with the assistance of lawyers with experience in Societies.

We offer comprehensive advice for the increase and reduction of capital in Companies, as well as in merger and spin-off operations.

We manage governance and corporate conflicts

Running a business is not always peaceful or easy. On the one hand, it is convenient to implement good governance measures and practices that facilitate decision-making. Especially if you intend to sell the corporation, outsource its control or take it to secondary or alternative markets.

On the other hand, despite the precautions taken, we can find conflicts within the Company. Especially between majority and minority partners or when making administrative and strategic decisions. Here it is essential to know the legal tools available to the business and find peaceful ways to resolve disputes in the Societies.

We also advise companies on the sale of the company, business transfer, implementation of the company in Spain, etc.

We manage the commercial and labor contracting of your company

In our team we have expert lawyers in business law. Therefore, we can offer the best legal advice to National and International Societies in matters of contracting, both business and commercial. Taking advice from corporation lawyers may be the best way to prevent conflicts and problems in the future, and we are demanding and efficient in providing the Corporation with peace of mind and legal security.

We manage the tax planning of your company

Proper tax planning is essential for the smooth running of the Societies. That is why we also have lawyers specialized in Companies and taxation, who will be able to seek tax savings for the company while guaranteeing that it complies with tax regulations. We help to keep a more detailed control of the Societies assets and to release the tax burden, for example corporate tax, taking care of relations with the Public Treasury.

Legal Advice to Companies

Do you need legal advice for your Company?

We know how complex it is to find a lawyer specializing in legal advice to corporates who can solve all the needs of the Company. That is why we have formed a robust and multidisciplinary team of lawyers prepared to solve your legal problems, whatever they may be.

We offer legal advice to companies in person in our offices, which have the best lawyers in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Reus, but we will also attend from a distance, without the need for you to come to our office in person, since we offer legal solutions to National and International Companies of various volumes of business. From small family Societies to large multinationals.

Contact us at Tel. (+34) 936 26 49 49, or send us an email to info@forcamabogados.com

Frequently asked questions about legal advice to Companies

It is practically essential for any ambitious project, and by hiring Forcam Abogados you will not need a legal department in your own company.

Yes. We represent many international clients and can serve you in your own language.

From Forcam Abogados we recommend preventive advice as a way to avoid risks, conflicts and sanctions and improve the technical and economic solvency of the company.

At Forcam Lawyers we offer a 360º advisory service, which covers all the areas you may need: corporate, labor, tax, commercial, bankruptcy, criminal...