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Do you need to claim a non-payment of debts?

Do you need to claim a non-payment of debts?
It is a judicial procedure that serves to claim a monetary debt, if the following requirements are met: It must be a monetary debt, liquid, determined, due and enforceable.

What does the debt recovery procedure consist of?

As our specialist lawyers in claiming non-payment of debts comment, the procedure begins with a prior claim, using a burofax to claim the debt through negotiation. This prior procedure is an essential requirement to subsequently claim the debt through judicial means.

In the event that the negotiation route does not achieve a satisfactory result, the procedures are followed through judicial means, which begins with a lawsuit addressed to the Court of First Instance of the debtor's domicile. If the debtor objects, denying the existence of the debt, the procedure is archived and the processing continues according to the channels of the declaratory procedure depending on the amount claimed.

Subsequently, and depending on the amount of the debt, there will be a first oral trial that will serve to present evidence and reach an agreement in court, or it will be held directly in a single trial. There may be an agreement between the parties. Otherwise, a sentence will be issued.

Is it advisable to have a law firm that is an expert in debt recovery?

Yes, it is important to have a law firm that has experience in debt recovery. This is the case of Forcam Abogados, which has a team of lawyers specializing in debt recovery.

The firm's philosophy is to recover debts quickly and effectively, using faster and more agile procedures to achieve the objectives, by having a team of lawyers with a high degree of experience in the recovery of high-value debts, both for companies and individuals.

One of the main techniques that the firm uses is the great capacity for negotiation with debtor parties, since we are a firm specialized in the negotiation of critical matters, with all our lawyers speaking more than 3 languages and therefore achieving demonstrable objectives. based on facts.

In the event that the negotiating phase does not end successfully, we always have the legal means of making a claim before any Spanish court and tribunal, since we operate at a national and also international level, being able to litigate debts from community and non-community countries, including with a wide network of collaborators and partners that facilitate our work beyond our borders.

Contact Forcam Abogados and we will study your case, with the aim of recovering all the money you are owed. Forcam Abogados is responsible for recovering large debts at a national and international level.

In what cases does it occur?

The debt claim procedure is a simple, very useful and fast judicial procedure that is used to claim outstanding debts from all types of businessmen, professionals, individuals, etc. The aim of this procedure is to expedite the collection of outstanding debts. In order to claim the debt with guarantees, it is important that the debt can be proven with invoices, delivery notes, notarial documents, proof of bank transfer, etc.

In which cases is a judicial claim for non-payment of debts recommended?

It is recommended to claim non-payment of debts when the creditor owes a minimum of €12,000 in unpaid invoices. This is when it is recommended to go to a lawyer specializing in debt claims, and first of all, file a friendly prior request for the friendly claim of the debt. And secondly, and only in the event that the creditor does not pay the debt, initiate the legal procedures to file a judicial claim for non-payment of debts.

In the case of international claims, our office always advises claiming amounts greater than €50,000, since lower amounts may not be viable compared to the existing opportunity cost.

However, before claiming a debt, we ask that you obtain advice and request a consultation with our specialists in order to evaluate whether, according to realistic and sincere criteria, whether it is profitable or not to claim it. We are a sincere and transparent firm, values that are currently in decline in the profession and therefore, the client's interest will always take precedence over the firm's own well-being.

Contact us through the telephone number (+34) 936 26 49 49, and our specialist debt claim lawyers will study your specific case. We offer assistance and legal advice in claiming debts at a national and international level. In addition, we have in:

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