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Lawyers Mediation and Family Negotiation

Lawyers Mediation and Family Negotiation

Lawyers specialized in family negotiation offer peaceful, effective and lasting solutions to conflicts between relatives. We work in various fields to prevent or resolve family differences and guarantee respect for the rights and interests of the parties involved.

Problems often arise when managing the legal effects of a divorce with children. There are many conflictive aspects, such as the custody regime, the payment of pensions, the children's problems at school, or critical decision-making. And in these cases, it is convenient for the parents to row in the same direction: the protection of the interest of the minor.

Problems also often arise between ex-spouses, particularly with regard to the distribution or administration of assets. Such problems are accentuated when family assets are large or when a family business is at stake.

At Forcam Abogados we have worked in all these scenarios, so we put at your disposal our lawyers specializing in family law, and we offer you a close and effective service. We believe that a family settlement is generally better than a court victory. For this reason, although we can litigate for you, we also offer you the possibility of tackling your conflicts through family negotiation.

Specialist lawyers in mediation and family negotiation

As recommended by our lawyers specialized in family law, family negotiation allows us to find solutions to the differences that appear between the parties. Let's keep in mind that by "winning" a trial, only one of the parties will be satisfied by the judicial pronouncement. And sometimes you won't even be satisfied.

However, reaching agreements facilitates more respectful and lasting solutions. And, above all, it avoids tensions between relatives and the breakdown of relationships. It is, in short, a model based on win-win.

We manage conflicts in personal relationships

One of the areas where we most frequently work is within personal relationships. These include the relationship between spouses and former spouses, as well as with their sons and daughters, other relatives, and with third parties.

Through family negotiation we can adopt binding agreements on guardianship, custody, pensions, distribution of assets and other typically conflictive matters. Many of our clients have significant economic interests at stake, and we are specialists in protecting their assets.

We manage conflicts in the family business

We also regularly work in the field of family business. This usually presents conflicts, particularly at the time of making critical decisions and entry and exit of partners.

Our experience in the fields of Family Law and Commercial Law provides us with all the tools we need to safeguard the interests of the company.

We manage international conflicts

Although our headquarters are in Catalonia, we provide services throughout the national and international territory. In fact, we have lawyers capable of negotiating in English, French and German, which gives Forcam Abogados an openly international character.

If you live abroad but have family interests in Spain, we can represent you and help you reach an agreement with your relatives and friends. We will take care of both the negotiation itself and the notarial procedures.
Lawyers Mediation and Family Negotiation

Do you need a family mediation and negotiation lawyer?

Contact us if you are looking for a law firm specialized in family negotiation. Take advantage of our experience in negotiation and in the field of Family Law to reach favorable, equitable and lasting agreements.

We have helped hundreds of people, Spanish and foreign, to protect their interests and assets in complex negotiations. So that we understand your situation and we will be able to provide you with assertive and highly specialized support.

We can initiate or develop negotiations even without the need for you to come to our office. We offer a comprehensive and especially useful service for those cases in which relevant economic interests are at stake. Protect your assets without damaging their personal relationships or having to go to court thanks to our advice.

Frequently asked questions on family mediation and negotiation

At Forcam Abogados we believe in family negotiation as the best way to resolve disputes between relatives. Family negotiation is faster, more peaceful and more efficient than going to court.

Because our lawyers specializing in Family Law and other legal areas will be able to provide you with comprehensive solutions. But, above all, because we understand your situation and we will provide you with an empathetic, lasting and effective solution.

Family negotiation is more conciliatory than filing family lawsuits. It helps to reach solutions that are more harmonious and respectful of the interests of the parties.

Yes, but it may be necessary to give it a certain legal form. That is why it is important that out-of-court settlements be carried out by a law firm with experience in family law, such as Forcam Abogados.