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The termination of the senior management contract

RD 1382/1985 extends most of the rules applicable to other employment contracts to the suspension and termination of the senior management contract. This contract is based on a special trust between the company and the top manager.

Legal tips for hiring managers

Hiring managers requires some legal caution on the part of the company. In the regulation of these labor relations, the conventional question plays a more relevant role than in the hiring of other positions. 

How to set up a company in Spain?

Knowing when and how to establish a company in Spain is essential to guarantee the success and growth of the business. However, there are many doubts surrounding this procedure.

What to do if you have been the victim of a robbery?

It is possible that at some point you will be the victim of a robbery or you may witness one, in these cases there are a series of guidelines that you must follow, in order to safeguard your integrity, and prevent criminals from continuing to attack other people in the streets. If you have been the victim of a robbery, you must go to the police station, and you must hire the services of a lawyer specializing in criminal law.

What will happen to the evictions as of May 9, 2021? (end of Alarm Status)

On May 9, 2021, the State of Alarm ends. Due to the health emergency situation due to COVID-19, evictions were suspended to try to alleviate the economic consequences, that is why Royal Decree-Law 37/2020, of December 22, of urgent measures to face the situations of social and economic vulnerability in the field of housing and transportation. The Decree suspended evictions for lack of payment and occupation of people who had situations of social vulnerability.

Main taxes that must be paid for the sale of a property

The sale of real estate presupposes a transferring act of the property, and aspects related to the formal or tax duties of those involved in the sale of a property must be taken care of. In this article we will know the taxes that must be paid for the sale of a home.

The inheritance tax in Catalonia (updated to 2021)

The taxes to receive an inheritance vary from one community to another, there are some communities where it is more economical to receive an inheritance compared to others. In this case, we are going to analyze a little more about the tax regulations that apply to inheritance in Catalonia.

Breach of contract in the sale of homes

The Civil Code establishes a clear definition of what a contract is, and defines it as the action in which one or more persons (parties) agree to be bound, with respect to another or others, to give something or provide a service.

What are the legal procedures necessary to accept an inheritance?

The acceptance of the inheritance is a legal act and attached to the law by means of which the heir or the person called to inherit, either by means of a will or intestate attached to the legitimate one, expresses his positive decision to have the quality of heir, thus adhering to obtaining his rights, but also to fulfilling his duties. Legal procedures to accept an inheritance.